Best tools for HRs in 2021

Recently, the world saw a drastic phase that left every sector in tatters. Nothing was left unaffected by the wrath of the COVID-19 virus. The pandemic took the world by storm and within months, every organization, from the corporate world to the education sector, was closed down for an indefinite period of time.

However, these organizations couldn’t stay put for long due to the nature of their work. Before we knew it, they had shifted everything to the remote method of working. However, this increased the painstaking work of the human resource department. HR managers and HR executives from all over the world started shifting their work to software-based methods. They began investing in tools that would help them in evaluating the demographics of the organization, the earnings, the deductions, and everything else. Platforms such as Paylocity offer features that make their work a walk in the park.

Here are some of the best and basic tools that an HR manager or an HR executive must use in 2021 to make their work efficient and effective, and bring out the best output:

Paylocity: Paylocity offers a complete package to the HR managers and executives to evaluate the employees’ progress and their work. The features integrated into this software are useful for organizations of all sizes to manage and keep a track of their employees’ performance, benefits, requests, deductions, engagement, time-offs, compensation, incentives, and much more. The support channel of Paylocity includes live chat support, call support, and an online live community to solve any kind of issue that may come up during the functioning of the software and business hours.

EddyHR: EddyHR is a software-based management system that comes with an HR suite consisting of all the necessary features that an HR would need in order to keep a track of the activities of the employees. The software is quite simple and easy to manage while still having all the necessary components to call itself a successful software. The software has an in-house customer support team that is ever-ready to help you in times of need. Sometimes there may be technical issues that you cannot deal with on your own. Hence, having an active support team is definitely a boon.

Zoho People: Zoho People is one of the best HR management systems in the world and is widely popular. It is a cloud-based HR software developed to focus on the all-around development of the employees, help them adapt to the changes in the organization, and make the HR management process agile and smooth. Zoho People doesn’t use absurd spreadsheets to keep a track of the employees. The software provides the HR managers with a database of the employees with comparisons. It enables smart HR workflows and insightful analytics of the employees. Tracking attendance, scheduling shifts, efficient tracking of day-offs, and converting time to timesheets, everything is possible with Zoho People. 

Factorial: Factorial is another leading platform for HR managers making their work easier and more efficient. This software allows HR managers to track the holidays and absence records of employees, and is equipped with features such as team calendars, holiday policies, and customized absences. Factorial makes time tracking and shift management a piece of cake and HRs can generate custom reports and track employee time. Preparing HR reports and analytics had never been easier, Factorial makes everything more efficient and easy for the HR managers.

Conclusion: The work of HR is not an easy one. It falls upon them to manage every employee and see that they are working efficiently and effectively in favor of the organization. Keeping the track of the progress of the employees, looking after their grievances, evaluating their performance, keeping their leave records, and maintaining the records and analytics of the employees are parts of an HR manager’s job. The tools and platforms that are mentioned above provide a systematic procedure to the HR department and help them in doing their job in the most optimum manner. These software-based platforms need the HR to feed the data and as a result, a perfectly calculated analytical record is produced by the software which is helpful in keeping track of the employees’ growth and progress.

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