Best Vodafone Ghana Promotions: Made For Me, Special Data, Bossu & More

Vodafone has been with Ghanaians for quite a long time now, me myself I am a Vodafone user and I must say they are the best telco in Ghana here (I don’t know about you).

Ghanaians love using Vodafone not because it is the best network but because when it comes to data bundles, Vodafone has a lot of data offers that Ghanaians love and it is very affordable.

In this article, we are going to look through all Vodafone Ghana promotions, their shortcodes and how to subscribe to these offers. So without wasting much time lets get started…

Made For Me Offer – *530#

This is one offer you will always find me subscribing to, it is an offer given to Vodafone prepaid customers, this offers changes every day and with this offer, you get huge bundle whiles paying for less. With the made for me offer you can get 5GB for GHS5, 1GB for GHS1 and many more.

To subscribe to the made for me offer all that you have to do is dial the shortcode *530#, now choose from the offer that is available to you and then proceeds on paying.

Special Data – For Vodafone Cash Users

This special offer is for those who have registered Vodafone Cash. To enjoy this Vodafone Cash offer all you have to do is dial the Vodafone Cah short code *110# and then choose Buy Airtime or Data and then select Special Offers.

With this offer, you can get 500MB of data for as low as GHS1.60 and it will be valid for 1 day, GHS 2.15 gives you 550MB and with GHS 3.25, you will get 1.5GB which will also be valid for 1 day.

Bossu Weekend

Bossu weekend is for those who are mostly busy on weekdays and gets to browse during weekends.

With the bossu weekend offer you will get 300 minutes airtime to call all network and also 5GB of data to be used during the weekend and it all cost GHS 5.40.

To activate for the Vodafone Bossu weekend offer all you have to do is dial the shortcode *5588# and then follow the prompts.

Vodafone 2Moorch Data

This offer gives you 1.5GB plus 1.5GB for a night for GHS10 and it will last for 15 days, 4GB plus 4GB at night for GHS 20 for a month and also 10GB plus 10GB for the night for GHS 50 and it will last for a month.

To subscribe to the Vodafone 2Moorch data offer dial *700#, proceed by selecting option 1 and then choose your preferred bundle.

Vodafone Baako Pe

Ever heard of MTN nkomode? This offer is similar to that offer, Vodafone baakope lets you make a call and only pay for the first minute and then the rest will be free.

one good thing about this offer is that you can use it to call any number and it is not only restricted to Vodafone alone.

To enjoy the Vodafone Baako Pe offer dial *135# and follow the prompt.

Vodafone Double Ntosuo

Now you can get double Ntosuo on Red bundles on GHS1, GHS2 and GHS5. To enjoy this from Vodafone you first need to subscribe to this offer and to subscribe you will have to dial *200#.

Vodafone 2 Cedis Offer

This offer gives you 400 minutes airtime to call only Vodafone numbers and 30 minutes to call all networks, also, you get 100MB and 20 SMSes to text Vodafone numbers which will be valid for three days for GHS2.


Vodafone has a lot of offers that anybody can opt-in for, in this article, we went through Vodafone promotions, their shortcodes and how to subscribe to each one of them.

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