Best Ways To Approach A Lady Online For A Positive Response

Have you been trying to approach a lady online for a long time but do not know how to approach her to get a positive response? If this is you, then continue reading to find out some of the best ways to approach a lady online for a positive response.

Approaching ladies not only online but also in-person can feel perplexing and a bit scary but in reality, it is very easy as long as you know how to go about it. Unlike approaching a lady in person where you can ask her a question for her to reply or decline to reply to you face-to-face, approaching a lady online can be easy but yielding a positive response is sometimes where the problem lies.

Due to the high number of boys who text beautiful ladies daily especially on Instagram, getting a lady to give a positive response to your message online can sometimes be challenging. Therefore, you must know what to do and what not to do if you want to get a positive response from her and that is exactly what this article is going to show you.

Best Ways To Approach A Lady Online For A Positive Response

How to get the convo started

The first step of approaching a lady online to get her attention is how to get the conversation started. This is what is going to determine whether the lady replies to your message or ignores it. Because of that, you need to choose your words very carefully.

There is a saying which says girls like to be complimented when having a conversation with them. This saying is true, but this shouldn’t be a reason to over-compliment a lady.  The choice of words you use to compliment her should be very simple but intriguing. Do not use any big words you learned from the dictionary or online, use something that can be easily understood by her.

Start your conversation with something formal like a normal hello message. Do not look hungry with some words like “I saw you in my dreams yesterday”, “you smell like a rose flower” or all those “wild” words. Some ladies may like such words but that is not the right way to go because it gives a certain impression about you and besides, ladies get these kinds of messages often.

Instead, use something cool like you have a nice smile, your photos are cute, nice profile, etc. But before that, start with your name and ask how she’s doing, and most importantly use correct grammar.

Get to know her

One thing ladies like is a guy they know and a guy who knows them. Instead of flooding her DM with “I love you” messages and those proposal messages, you must get to know her first.

For starters, you can ask about her name, what she likes, and some basic things every friend must know about their friends. When asking for this information, do not make it look like you are interrogating her but make it look more fun and livelier.

If the lady is the lively and vibe type, by the time you are done knowing her, she will also get to know you more. From there, then you and she can become friends since you both know something about each other.

Disappear for a day or two

Once you guys are done knowing yourselves and you’ve now become friends, you disappear for a day or two (2); were disappearing in this context means going offline. As a guy, you shouldn’t always be online when you get a new female friend online.

Even though ladies like attention, if a guy is always online replying to their text, they begin to feel that you have nothing serious doing with your life. So, you can intentionally go offline for a day or two, and when you come back make sure to reply to all the messages she sent. When asked, you can tell her you were busy with school or work.

She will understand you and get to know that you were busy that is why you were not able to reply to her messages. This way, whenever you are offline for some time, she will know that you are busy doing something important.

Do not text her frequently

Ladies they say like attention, but they also hate guys who are always in their DM with several messages. Sending her messages is not bad but you should do so at a normal frequency.

If you are always sending her messages, she will get fed up with you very quickly and that might cause her to lose interest in chatting with you. You should put yourself in her shoes and make sure you are not sending messages frequently than you are supposed to.

Show her that you cherish her messages and communications

Apart from attention, ladies like guys who are happy whenever they chat with them. This will go a long way to help your relationship with her. Just a simple thanks for calling today can go a long way.

When you are busy, try and make time to check up on her and let her be aware that you are a bit busy now, but you will check up back on her later. Make her feel that you cherish the moments you spend together with her online either via text or calls. You can also tell her that you miss her if it’s a while since you guys chat.

Flirt with her

The main tool or skill to keep your online communication going is flirting. Flirting simply means to behave as though sexually attracted to someone, but playfully rather than with serious intentions. Some simple flirting messages are “What would you say if I asked you out?” or “What’s your type of guy?”.

You should not use strong sexually explicit words in your flirts. Just some simple jokes or memes will be able to do the job. Either way, you must be careful of the choice of jokes or memes you use since one meme can ruin the vibe between both of you.

Ask her out on a date

Finally, after making the first step and getting a positive response from her, the next thing you need to do is to take her out on a date. Taking her out on a date does not necessarily mean taking her to an expensive restaurant or hotel.

The place you take her out on the date should be somewhere that she likes. That is why it is very important to get to know her before you ask her out on a date. You can take her to the beach, zoo, aquarium, cinema, planetarium, or any other place that meets her interest.

During the date, you can get to know more about yourselves, and you can take it from there. Try to make it simple, but more importantly it should be fun for both of you, but especially her.


Approaching ladies can sometimes be very difficult whether it is online of face-to-face but once you know how to go about it, it is very easy and fun. In the article, I have explained some of the best ways you can approach a lady online to get a positive response.

These methods are not the only ones in the world, but they have been tried and tested by many people. If you have any other tips apart from the ones in this article, you can add them in the comments section below and I will add it to the list. Ladies are especially welcome since they know what they want from guys when they approach them online.

How can I flirt with a lady online?

You can flirt with a lady online by teasing her with some funny but interesting stuff. Do not sound sexually explicit or creepy because this can send the lady away.

What is a good first message for online dating?

The recommended first message for online dating is to greet with a hello, ask how he/she is doing, and then tell him/her your name. Do not write a long essay as a first message. Ladies will automatically ignore you if you send them a long essay and your grammar is incorrect.

How can I get closer to a girl on chat?

To get closer to a girl on chat, be patient with her, do not put pressure on her to reply or talk about herself, be sincere with her, and do not use fake images on your profile.

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