Best ways to make extra money in Africa

Nowadays, the world’s economy is becoming better and bigger than ever before. In this large vast economy, there are endless opportunities where one can earn money. Whether it’s investing in a business or building a passion over a preset goal and finding a way to make money out of it, no matter where you are, you can do something to earn money. We all know Africa doesn’t have the greatest economy in the world, but you would be surprised from the number of opportunities one can find locally, and even online.

Finding a way to make a profit over natural unlimited resources.

A company named Agriprotein, based in South Africa, had an ingenious idea which made them rich, and it barely cost them anything. They managed to create healthy feeding supplements for livestock out of nothing but maggots, that’s right, maggots! It might sound a bit disgusting, but here’s how the process goes, first they breed millions of flies daily, and the flies lay eggs which hatch into maggots. These maggots are then fed organic waste, like human and animal excrement, also left over food and blood from nearby butchers and slaughterhouses. Once the maggots or larvae are fed and fattened, they are extracted, properly cleaned, and processed into a proven to be highly nutritious, protein filled livestock feed, which is sold globally! There’s unlimited ways one can make a profit out of natural resources, all you have to do is think outside the box.

Online Betting/ Live Casino

Even though casinos are a bit scarce in Africa, doesn’t mean you cannot find ways to do a little gambling and get the chance to win some extra side money. Thanks to the convenience of smartphones or computers and an internet connection, we can now visit the casino and try out the thrilling casino games from the comfort of our own home, some say it’s even safer than visiting the actual casino, and you can also win bigger! This site shows you all you need to know about online casinos and you can even try out the awesome experience, just don’t forget, as much as you can win money at the casino, you can also lose it, so always make sure you keep control.


Nowadays, some of the world’s biggest and most successful celebrities are bloggers. We all know how social media has hit the world by storm in the past few years. Everyone uses social media, one way or another. It’s not so difficult to become a successful blogger, and the only investment you need to make is something to upload with like a phone or a computer, and if you want to make your blog more interesting, a good camera is important to take pictures and video. Websites like youtube and many more have monetization features which can earn you money through advertising while people watch or read your content. However, you can also make your own monetized blog website, and earn money through it as well.

Investing in Stocks/Cryptocurrencies

Nowadays, one of the biggest businesses online is the stock and cryptocurrency market. People invest in stocks from world-renowned companies like Amazon, Tesla, Facebook, knowing that the values of these companies’ stocks can go either up or down. If the value goes up, you can sell your stocks and make a profit. There are ways one can anticipate the market values of stocks, and many people managed to earn millions out of it. With cryptocurrencies, it’s similar. Let’s take bitcoin as an example. There’s a limited amount of bitcoin around the whole world, and the amount keeps going down and down, due to losses through failed accounts and conversions. The value of a bitcoin was the lowest when it first came out, however, now there is about half of what there was when it started, and the more limited it becomes, the higher its value goes in time. 

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