Best YouTube Channels for Kids

The internet is an infinite space. It has something for everyone in store no matter the age, gender, language, nationality or culture.

The uses of the internet are as expansive as one can imagine. Whether someone wants to work, learn or just have fun, the internet has all these facilities for a user. Plus, in today’s world, the internet has become cheaper and is in everyone’s easy access.

Furthermore, the rapid advancement in this field is making the user base of the internet expand and reach the areas where it was not available before. Tech companies like Facebook and Google are launching programs so that no part of the world can be deprived of such a huge and revolutionary technological milestone.

The reason why everyone is investing in the internet so heavily is that its potential and applications are limitless. Plus, in times of dire crises like the pandemic that we are going through, the internet has been the sole savior that is keeping us connected with one another and is providing means to work and take education while also giving the much-needed entertainment and mental peace. 

Today, we see that governments have included the internet as a basic human necessity like food and water along with other social services. These grants are allowing people to remain connected to internet services in financially tough situations.

Internet service providers are also chipping in and playing their part in order to make the internet affordable for the general public. Cox is one such provider that is offering discounts not only on the internet but its Cox cable TV service is giving much-needed entertainment to the public at very nominal prices.

One such benefit of the internet is that it has made learning new things fun. How often do you watch a video about construction, the physical phenomenon of nature, or space while eating your food? Through videos like these, we are able to grasp these complicated concepts in a fun way. The internet is full of these types of videos that entertain as well as educate. 

Who doesn’t know about YouTube? Today, it is the single biggest video streaming platform and one of those websites that are on the top list of most visited places on the internet. Let’s dive deeper into it below.


YouTube is a platform that has everything including movies, TV shows, soundtracks, comedy skits, infographic videos, and now, there are even classroom lecture videos available on the internet for anyone to see and learn from them. The best thing about YouTube is that it’s free. Without any kind of subscription model, YouTube allows its users to watch anything they like, anytime, and anywhere. The only thing needed is an internet connection. It’s an open platform where the list of creators include big brands, organization and even individual creators that post their videos for anyone to see and enjoy. 

YouTube is also available on all the major platforms whether you like to watch it on your computer, smartphones, or smart TVs. Plus the type of content is not restricted to age or gender because YouTube’s library of videos is so huge it has something for everyone. It was founded in 2005 by Jawed Karim, Steven Chen, and Chad Hurley. The site has since grown into a huge platform, with millions of users a day watching hundreds of millions of videos on the site. 

Thus, YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform in the world if you have video content. It is a great place to promote. You can also use it to increase awareness for your business. If you want to promote a product, a service, or a business, you can use video marketing to reach out to your target audience, or learn anything free. Since it is an open creator space, it has garnered around 1.5 billion active users that are using YouTube for various purposes ranging from work, education, and entertainment.

YouTube for Kids

One viewer segment that has immensely benefited from this platform is kids for whom there is a plethora of content available to watch. Whether they are toddlers, pre-schoolers, or even kids in adolescence, they can learn and enjoy at the same time from YouTube’s content. Kids today use the internet to learn and have fun and the majority of YouTube users are kids. As a matter of fact, the second biggest channel on YouTube, according to subscriber base, is Cocomelon, which is a kid’s nursery rhymes channel with 118 million subscribers worldwide. YouTube has also made a separate app by the name of YouTube Kids that solely focuses on kid-related content in addition to tools for parental control. 

Here we have compiled a list of YouTube channels that are contributing to the learning and positive mental well-being of children:

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy is already a well-established platform that provides necessary tools and lectures that help students learn different subjects. Khan Academy Kids is a subsidiary of that platform that is aimed at children aged 2-7 to make them future learners. Khan Academy Kids provides learning content in a fun way so that children have a good time while learning new things. Coupled with their kid’s app, it offers fun lessons on math, writing, reading, social and emotional learning aimed to teach young minds to become intellectuals of the future. 

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is an incredible YouTube channel for toddlers who are preparing for school, providing them with much-needed emotional intelligence. PBS Kids is the digital iteration of the famous TV channel by the same name. All the famous programming and learning content of PBS is available on this channel including every child’s favorite shows like Sesame Street, Arthur, Blue’s Clues, Curious George, and many more.

It’s Okay to Be Smart

As the name clearly suggests, this channel is about science and scientific concepts but with a twist. This is the twist of fun. This channel is just like a virtual school in which your child gets to learn all the basic aspects of science through fun concepts. This channel is made by Joe Hanson who is a Ph.D. So, rest assured, your child is going to learn from the best minds while also having fun along the way. 


We are going through a crisis that has shaken everyone to their core. The health pandemic that has limited people to their homes is not only having negative effects financially but also posing a severe threat to mental health as well. And the most vulnerable community to this mental deterioration is children. A child’s mind is in constant distress in the current landscape. However, there are means like the internet which can help to not only calm your little one but also make him learn new things while he’s at home. The list of these YouTube channels is the best way to keep your child occupied from the ongoing situation while providing him with entertainment and education at the same time for his mental well-being.

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