Betting in-app vs. betting in person

No matter what sports you’re into, there’s always a different feel when you get to bet for your beloved teams, may it be in person or in apps like the Betway app. Betting in apps vs. betting in person is debated among punters of all levels and disciplines.

But there is no correct answer that applies to everyone. So which option should you choose? Well, only one way to find out. This article will help you weigh those factors to consider before deciding how to bet.

Pros and cons of betting apps


Betting in apps like the Betway app is much more convenient, safer, and faster than betting in person. You don’t have to leave your house, you save on gas and travel time, and you can even place wagers in bed with your mobile phone.

It allows for more bonus offers and promotions than land-based sportsbooks, which is a great way to add value to your bets. Many sportsbooks (especially offshore ones) also offer better odds and bonuses than local books, which can be good for the player.

Betting in apps also offers greater anonymity than betting in person. Even if you’re betting at a game, people will see what you put on your slip, but no one can see what bets you’re putting on through an app.


The convenience provided also comes with the price of having betting apps to be addictive in nature if left unattended. Unlike in-person betting, there are no operational hours as you can bet any time and any amount you want. This is why practicing self-control and having a set budget before you bet is always a wise move, both personally and financially.

Pros and cons of betting in person


Betting in person makes it easier to see stats and information before placing a bet. You can browse through multiple screens with stats and odds before you place your wager.

It may also be more convenient if there is a local sportsbook that you trust. Sportsbooks are usually also casinos, so if you like playing games after betting on sports, it might make sense for you to visit one.


The first major disadvantage is that you have to deal with the public. This can be annoying, especially if it’s crowded at the sportsbook and you have to wait in line to place your bet. It is also inconvenient if you don’t feel like getting off the couch or leaving home and you want to place a bet right now.

Another disadvantage of betting in person is that you can only bet on what’s on the board at that time. The lines might not come out until an hour before a game, so you might have to make your bets without knowing a team’s injury report, for example.

Comparing the two

It’s a little harder to make an app seem like a community. You can try, for example, with comments and forums, but it’s not the same as being able to look someone in the eye or read their body language.

Another challenge is that people can be very different on apps than in person. Have you ever been surprised by how someone looks or acts when you finally meet them after interacting through an app?

Apps are easier to use, safer, and more convenient than betting in person. The challenge with betting in apps is that it can be hard to develop the kind of community feeling that can come with meeting people face to face.

Though it all comes down to personal preference, betting in apps is the go-to option these days, especially if you’re new to the scene.

Placing your bets in apps

Betting in apps has many advantages over betting in person. It is easier, more convenient, and more private. It enables you to play for longer by giving you better odds. And it is ultimately less costly—especially if you are betting on your cell phone bill. These reasons make betting in apps like the Betway app the better choice.

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