Beware of fraudsters who promise to upgrade results – WAEC warns

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has urged candidates to beware of fraudsters who contact them with the promise of “upgrading” their results for a fee payable through mobile money transfers.

“The West African Examination Council wishes to alert its public to the activities of certain persons who introduce themselves as workers of WAEC and also claim to have access to its results database.

These fraudsters contact candidates with the promise of “upgrading” their results for a fee payable through mobile money transfers.”

A statement from the WAEC’s Head of National Office appealed to the public to report activities of such fraudsters to the police or the council’s nearest office.

The statement assured the public that its results database is well secured and all results could be detected by the Council’s confirmation/verification system.

“Institutions and organisations are advised to confirm or verify results presented to them directly from the council or access the confirmation/ verification service online at”

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