BezoMoney: Online Susu And Savings For All Ghanaians

If there’s one thing we all grew up to know, it is the importance of savings.

Our parents from back in the days were part of some daily Susu schemes where the collectors came around daily for the monies. They then take one day’s contribution off a contributor’s total monthly contribution as their fee.

Well, if you were born before or during the 90s, you’ll understand perfectly what I’ve described above.

However, in today’s world of technology, where we have moved from carrying cash to mobile money transactions, it is rather difficult to have people do the traditional Susu contributions.

In view of this, a Ghanaian startup company named Bezomoney has provided an easy and formidable way of saving your traditional Susu contributions without having to wait on anyone to come to you or going to any bricks and mortar institutions.

In this article, we shall take a look at Benzomoney, what they do, how they are beneficial to you and the team behind it.

What is BezoMoney?

BezoMoney is a financial technology company interested in creating a suitable platform for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly Susu contributions.

It is in essence, a digital platform that helps you save effectively, and enables you to access bulk cash through group savings and ensures that you build a worthy savings and credit history to foster your access to loans.

How Do You Benefit From BezoMoney?

With Bezomoney, you are assured of building on your savings culture as an individual, a group or a company by aligning to the Benzomoney lifestyle of saving.

The service provides four different packages. They are:

Personal savings

With this, you are required to set a weekly or monthly goal as an individual, on your mobile phone. You are then reminded to contribute towards it via your mobile money wallet.

Group Savings

With this option, you are granted access to connect with other people who are geared towards achieving similar financial goals as yourself. In the process, you all save from your individual mobile money wallets into that single account.

Value-Added Packages

With the value-added packages, contributors are granted access to loan facilities, based on their credit history and their savings. In addition, BezoMoney also serves as a mediator for making group purchases through group savings.

Pay-As-You-Go Services

With the pay as you go services, BezoMoney gives contributors the ability to purchase items, products or services and pay in instalments. Some of the items or services covered include payment of school fees and buying of electrical appliances.

BezoMoney pays a fixed interest of 3% per annum on all contributions and the interest is calculated on a daily basis.

You can register by for BezoMoney by dialling *713*12#

The Team Behind BezoMoney

Bezomoney is put together by a team of three young tech and business Ghanaian geeks who have over 16 years experience in software, business and strategy development, designing, building communities and partnerships.

The team also has a group of advisors who are creditably pitched at the apex of their careers in Telcos, banks and nonprofit organisations.

The founders of BezoMoney are Mubarak Sumaila, a design thinking expert, in the position of CEO, Diana D. Osei an expert in technology for development, in the position of CMO and Kenneth Simpson, a software engineer in the position of CTO.

You can check out their website: for their photos and profiles

Conclusion: BezoMoney is your sure solution to promoting your savings habit and growing your financial strength as an individual, a group or company. BezoMoney charges a fee of 2% off the total money contributed by the contributor, at the end of the term.

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