BITCOIN – What, Why, and How?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin makes the transaction very easy, as there is no need for middlemen like banks or any other private sector. This is a novel currency system, which was introduced in the year, 2009. With Bitcoin, it is possible to book hotels from, can buy furnishings from Overstock, and also acquire Xbox games. This article will provide you with a deep insight into Bitcoin and its other features.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoins be able to be used to purchase trade-in secrets. As Bitcoins has not any rules and regulations and is not about any country, it makes the international transaction very simple, easy, and low-priced. They do not possess any credit card fees, so most of the small business sectors, prefer Bitcoins. Few people use Bitcoin just for their savings, as their value might fluctuate accordingly. 

How to buy Bitcoins?

Bitcoin can be bought in three ways. They are:

  • Purchase on Exchange
  • Transfers
  • Mining

Purchase on Exchange:  Bitcoins can be bought or sold in different currencies, through Bit exchange. Coin base is a chief exchange, next to Bitstamp and Bitfinex. But Bitcoin has security issues as in the year 2016, several thousands of Bitcoins were being stolen from Bitfinex. You can use websites like Brexit Trader to know more about the purchase. 

Transfers: Cash can be transacted to other accounts using internet banking logins or any mobile apps. Similarly, Bitcoins can also be transacted through mobile apps or computers.

Mining: Throughmany online maths puzzle-solving sites and gambling sites, the winners are awarded 12.5 Bitcoins appropriately for every 10 minutes.

What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

Like we keep our money in the wallet, the Bitcoins are stored digitally. So what digital storing means? The Bitcoins can be stored in both cloud and the user’s computer system. Bitcoin wallets are like implicit bank system, where the users can transact money, make online payments as well as save money. The Bitcoins are not assured by FDIC, unlike banks.

Drawbacks in using Bitcoin Wallet

The following are the drawbacks of using digital wallets:

  • If the wallet is stored in a cloud, there is a possibility of a cloud server being hacked by anonymous users, where the companies will lose the client’s Bitcoins.
  • If the wallet is stored in your personal computer, either you may delete it accidentally, or a bug might destroy the file.

Security and its impact

A Bitcoin has no banks making the transaction simpler and easier. Even though the Bitcoins transactions are bought and sold and recorded in public logs, the details of the buyers and sellers will not be revealed at any cost. The hackers cannot track the transaction, ensuring safe transactions. Hence Bitcoin transaction has become a perfect choice of illegal activity and drug business in online. 

Features of Bitcoins

The following are the salient features of Bitcoins:

  • Easier mobile transaction: 
  • Secured transaction
  • Transact anytime, anywhere
  • Quicker global payments 
  • Select your charge
  • Defend your individuality

Services of Bitcoins

The Bitcoin offers the following services:

  • Bitcoin exchange
  • Casino
  • Local trading
  • Online payment
  • Bitcoins for business

Future of Bitcoin usage

The Bitcoin has no defined rules and regulations, which makes them not be used as prevalent as our normal currency. Some countries like China, Japan, and Australia are framing a few regulations on Bitcoin to avoid anonymity and to be used for all types of business. But many people raise the question of ‘how to invest in a currency that has no authority like banks’? Even though Bitcoins are secure, Bitcoins become a choice of illegal businesses, leading to any confusion and chaos in the system. The Bitcoins can become consumer’s choices if they have a set of rules and regulations and along with some trust-worthy mechanism adoption. If you are planning to invest in Bitcoins, then you must be ready to accept both success and failure. Because the Bitcoins are stored digitally, which makes them unstable as the hackers or bugs might destroy the files, and there is a chance of losing your investment!

To make wide-usage of Bitcoins, the government should frame some sort of regulations and transaction, which will make these cryptocurrencies soar high!

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