Black Friday’s 12/12 is tomorrow! 12 Flash Sales + 12% Discount

12/12 is the day when online shops offer bigger and better discounts on all items. It literally means ‘double twelve’ in Chinese. It is more like China’s cyber Monday– a marketing term for the Monday after Thanksgiving in the United States.

12/12 is a modernized term for the Chinese holiday ‘Singles Day’. More like a retail ‘holiday’ adopted by modern retail shops, 12/12 serves the needs of online shoppers massively due to its affiliate term 11/11.

The purpose for 12/12 is to pursue shoppers to move from the offline retailing to the online shops for their convenience. This, however, has been impactful as shoppers no longer have to stress themselves in the offline market in a bid to get items they long to buy. Research has further shown that many online retail shops made a tremendous impact as a result of this initiative.

Online retail shop like Jumia Ghana, says customers can enjoy this initiative tomorrow for 24 hours. It says that not only will customers enjoy crazy discounts, it will also offer 12% off everything on its site for 12 minutes at 12 AM and 12 PM. Jumia Ghana added that it will offer 12 Flash Sales tomorrow, so customers should be expectant and enjoy while it last.

This 12/12 deals certainly have the attention of online shoppers, especially because the discount keeps coming. Jumia Ghana is already in the discount season of Black Friday. As promised at the Launch of the Black Friday Festival, it is aimed at super surprising its customers every day because the needs of its customers are its priority.

It’s just 4 days away to the end of Black Friday on Shoppers can still seize the opportunity and have their Christmas shopping needs to be sorted as this week’s crazy discount is still available for them.

Voucher Giveaway for all Orders this Black Friday

Today and through Black Friday, shop at Jumia and use the Voucher to get additional 10% on top of the discount that Black Friday already presents. Voucher: Shepherdea1a

To use the code, click on Cart and enter Shepherdea1a in the voucher section and click on “Use”.

In the example below, the voucher gave a discount of GHS 422.

How to use my voucher for bigger benefits

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