How To Block Contacts On Infinix Phone

I know I am not the only one that can be receiving unwanted calls. We all buy phones to make phone calls but sometimes someone or some people can make using a phone one boring thing to do.

You can meet one annoying being that can start calling you and will never stop calling if you don’t pick up the call.

Not forgetting the ladies, as a fresh lady, you might meet someone that might be interested in you, you will not be interested but won’t want to be rude so he asked for your number and you politely gave it to her, now he won’t stop disturbing you with calls.

I remember I once saw a girl in my area that I wanted to be friends with her, I asked her to give me her number which she did without even thinking twice.

After giving me her number, she then told me to call her so that she will also know my number and then save it. My head was expanding hearing those words.

I decided to be gentle, I went on in the evening and decided to give her a call because that was a perfect time so that she won’t say I am in a rush, I gave her the call, told her it’s me Emmarni, the guy who collected her number, she said okay now she knows my number and she will save. At that time I was among the happiest guys on this planet.

The next day I decided to give my new friend a call only to find out this girl has blocked me (Pamela, wherever you are God, will judge you).

That was my sad story on how one girl blocked me, now let’s continue, maybe you too might want to block someone who has been disturbing you or you are not in good terms with somebody and you don’t want the person to be able to reach you anytime he or she tries to contact you.

Infinix has made blocking of contacts one of the easiest things to do. In this article, I am going to take you through how to block contacts on Infinix phone.

How To Block Contacts On Infinix

As I said earlier Infinix has made it easy to block contacts because you don’t need any third-party app, your phone dialer app has an inbuilt contact block.

To block a contact on your Infinix phone:

  • Open your Phone app
  • Go to the call logs,
  • Now tap on the call logs of the contact you will want to block
  • You will see Block under that contact’s name, tap on it and then confirm to block this annoying person.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Your Infinix Phone?

When you block someone the person can not reach you as anytime he or she calls, they will tell the person you are busy, also you will get a missed call from the person that you have blocked, this will let you know how many times the person you have blocked has tried to reach you.


We all once in our lifetime meets one annoying person, sometimes the best thing to do to this person is to block him or her.
Luckily if you are using Infinix, these phones have made it easy to block someone without having to install any third-party app.

In this article, we went through how to block a contact in your Infinix phone.

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