BoostPal creates 3rd Ponzi called Dewtours to “promote tourism”

Yesterday, we exposed the plan by Boostpal to fraud more people after they opened a new company called  ViewDime and today a new one comes up called dewtours.

Well, it’s like the guys at boostpal are desperately trying to milk more people so this time they set up “Dewtours” to look like a tourism company.

Dewtours is just the twin of Boostpal or you can say they are triplets: Boostpal, ViewDime and Dewtours.

According to Dewtour’s website which is currently operational, they are into tourism. They have this written on their website:

“We’re the Tours & Travel specialists with a wealth of knowledge and experience. For over a decade, we have worked in the tourism space and grown alongside industry changes.

Fraud Fighters: Our dedicated compliance team and third-party verification partners tackle fraud and build trust among our clients.”

We believe that video is the best way to capture and share tourism’s incredible variety. This is why at Dewtours we aim to offer the best tourism experience

Does the language sound familiar? Yes, it should. This is boostpal language. All that they have changed is the fact that the videos they will be showing are tourism inclined.

Does Boostpal, ViewDime or Dewtours think people are so foolish?

Wait, when these Ponzi schemes and fraud are running, they know for sure people will be foolish enough to invest.

But do they think if they leave a messy website, people won’t know they are linked?

Check out the image below:

In the image below, there are three things that will instantly link Dewtours to Boostpal.

They are:

  1. The Logo
  2. The content of the FAQ Page
  3. The colours used on the site.

It could be that they have just copied everything from Boostpal and they are editing it little by little.

However, why would they do that on a live website unless they take poor investors for fools?

Is Dewtours genuine

Just like we blew the whistle on yesterday, we are doing same on Dewtours. They are not a tourism company.

Dewtours is a Ponzi and fraud and if you ever invest with them, they will run away with your money just like boostpal.

Beware, stay safe and share with your family and friends.

Source | BoostPal opens 3rd company called Dewtours after being exposed again
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