How To Buy Airtime With AirtelTigo Cash, MTN Mobile Money Or Vodafone Cash

Every mobile phone user must recharge his or her device before making a call or surfing the internet. With the emergence of very popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, many have increased their data consumption rates.

No days pass by without buying an airtime or data bundle.

There are instances where you find yourself in a location in which it may be difficult to get an airtime vendor to buy airtime for recharge. In that case, you will be stuck with no option.

Mobile service providers in the country are always looking at satisfying their users to increase user retention and reduce churn.

They have been able to foresee all these instances and have made an arrangement for them. Thanks to the mobile money services, today, every beneficiary of the mobile money service can easily buy/top-up his or her account using the mobile money balance.

Each of the service providers has a different method to follow when recharging account from the mobile money balance. The goal of this post is to show you the method to follow for each provider when recharging from your mobile money account.

How to top-up airtime Using MTN Mobile Money

Follow the below simple steps to recharge your account using the mobile money balance:

  1. First, you have to make sure there is sufficient money in your Mobile Money Wallet.
  2. Go to “Mobile Money” menu dialling *170# then select option 3 “Airtime & Bundle”.

  1. Now select option one (Airtime-100% bonus self) from the sub menu

  1. Select the beneficiary- either self or other

  1. Enter the amount of airtime you want to buy.
  2.  Confirm details and enter your Mobile Money PIN. You will receive a confirmation message of the successful MTN airtime top-up.

How To Buy Airtime With AirtelTigo Cash

First dial *110# and then you will be taken to the AirtelTigo cash main menu

Now once you are on the page, you will be displayed with all the mobile money menus. Select option 2 from the menu

Now you will be given the chance to choose whether you want to buy airtime or data bundle. since your aim is to buy airtime, you choose the first option

After choosing the buy airtime option, you select 1, if you want to buy for yourself otherwise select the option that suit your demand.

Now you confirm the details and enter your mobile money pin to finish the process. After a successful transaction, you will receive a confirmation message from AirtelTigo.

How to top up airtime using Vodafone cash

Vodafone cash also offers similar steps for purchasing airtime from a user account. If you are a user of Vodafone cash, you can also follow the below steps to top up your call account using the MOMO cash balance.

Just like MTN MOMO top-up, you need to also make sure you have sufficient balance in your Vodacash account before proceeding

  1. Dial *110# to go to the Vodafone cash menu. Once you are on the menu, select option 3 to see the options available
  2. From the submenu, choose option 3 -buy airtime or data
  3. Here you will see three submenus, choose the first option: “buy airtime”
  4. Then select the first option – my phone. If you are buying for yourself otherwise select the other options
  5. Now enter the amount
  6. Confirm details and enter your Mobile Money PIN.

How to buy Airtime in Ghana using an App

Another way to buy airtime using any of the service providers is to use an app. This app will help you buy your airtime with ease.

All you need to do is to install the app and you are ready to purchase your preferred airtime. The app is an all in one app that gives you the ability to do many things at a go. The name of the app is Slydepay.

  1. First, you have to download this app from the Playstore or Appstore and then install it on your android or iOS device.
  2. Once the app is installed, follow the onscreen registration guide to register for an account on the app.
  3. After successful registration, you are done. You can now use the app to do many things including buying airtime from any of the mobile money service providers.


Buying airtime using mobile money balance is never difficult as many perceive it to be. All you need to do is to follow the above simple steps and you should buy all your desire airtime/bundle.

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