How to Buy and Import Used Cars From Abroad To Ghana

In Ghana, over 50% of the vehicles we use are imported from abroad. As easy as it may sound, buying a car from abroad is not an easy task at all.

Most people have either paid more than they were supposed to pay or have not been able to complete the process at all due to ignorance. In view of this, today we are going to discuss the process of shipping a used or new car from abroad to Ghana.

The most important factor in the entire shipping process is the selection of the online car selling platform. There are numerous selling platforms available on the internet but shopping from a renowned and trusted online vendor is the best option that you should make.

The reason being that these platforms are well established and has been proven to be trusted and authentic. Some of these sites include eBay, Copart, Auction expert and a host of others.

Before you select a certain platform, it’s advisable to check the reviews on the website especially, from people in Ghana who have used the platform before. Or, you can also ask people who have imported cars before to find out which platform they used.

Because there’re some platforms whose services vary from country to country and the fact that someone in Nigeria had his/her car delivered safely does not mean you will also get yours. That’s why it’s advisable to read from people in your local country.

Also, I would recommend that you use more than one platform. The reason is simple; it will help you to select from different types of vehicles and could, in the end, save you some money.

How to Buy and Import Used Cars From Abroad To Ghana

Now that you have read the reviews and have done your consultation (s), let’s now look at the steps involved in buying and importing used cars from abroad to Ghana.

  1. Signup on the platform (s) you selected
  2. Scan through the cars
  3. Look out for the specific features of the car you want
  4. Pay the required fees and process the shipping
  5. Clear and collect the car from the port

The steps stated above might sound a little broad so I’m going to take each step and explain a little further for a clearer understanding.

Signup on the platform (s) you selected

Once you’ve selected the platform (s) you want to use, the next thing to do is to create an account or signup on the platform. In signing up the main requirements are going to be your name, location (country) and your email address.

On most of the platforms, only registered members are allowed to access certain features.  Even on some platforms, registered members receive a discount on the purchases they make on the platform.

Therefore, it’s at your own interest to register on the platform (s) you selected.

Scan through the cars

Upon successful registration, you will now be able to access all the features that are available to registered members on the platform. Now, the next step is to scan or look through the cars.

This could easily be done by just typing the name of the vehicle you want to buy or searching through the categories tab available on most platforms. The main requirement for this step is to know the make and the model of your preferred car.

The make of the car is simply the name of the manufacturer of the car, for example, Toyota or Hyundai. The model of the car, on the other hand, is the name of the specific car you are purchasing without the name of the manufacturer. For example, the model name of Mercedes Benz 4Matic is 4Matic.

Look out for the specific features of the car you want

This is one of the (if not the most important) steps in the entire buying process. In this step, you are required to read carefully about the specific features of the car you have selected.

The features should include the mileage, the series, the manufacture year, the condition (whether new or used), anybody damages, etc.

This step is also where you check to see whether the car you have chosen can be shipped to Ghana or not. Most of the people make this mistake by checking the shipping eligibility and then later pay extra charges.

Their documents you will need to provide include:

  • Valid National ID
  • Taxpayer’s Certificate
  • Dealers’ License (if you are buying as a dealer)

Pay the required fees and process the shipping

Now that you have selected the particular car you want and have carefully checked the features of the car, it’s now time to start the bidding process and pay the required fees.

Most platforms allow you to directly contact the vendor of the vehicle to make bidding and bargain on the price. But, never be fooled to make transactions outside the platform; this is where most people are scammed.

If you make transactions outside the platform and you don’t receive the car, there’s nothing the platform can do for you.

Also, make sure to check whether the cost of shipping has been added to the fee before you make any payments. But more importantly, provide accurate shipping details.

Clear and collect the car from the port

Finally, wait for a confirmation from the platform with the shipping details and the estimated time of arrival in Ghana.

After that, go to the port, pay the required duty and then clear your car from the port.


The entire process of buying a car from abroad is quite difficult but in this article, we have discussed all the processes involved and how to go about it.

This article has been carefully written to guide you throughout the entire process and if you read carefully, you will be able to complete your purchase successfully.

But, in case you find any difficulty when going through your purchase, feel to ask for help in the comments section below.

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