How To Buy Any Product in the US And Get It shipped To You in Ghana

Do want to know how to buy any product in the USA and get it delivered to you in Ghana in less than a week?

Have you ever bought any product from Walmart or Amazon and the next thing you find out is that the product cannot be shipped to your location? Yeah, I know how that feels; it sucks.

This is very painful especially when you can only get the intended product in the U.S.A. But I have done a research and I have found a recommended solution to this problem.

With what I am coming to show you, you can buy any product online (whether it ships to Ghana or not) and you will get that product delivered to you in less than a week. Yes, you read it right less than a week.

The question you will be asking is; do I need an American address? Yes, you need an American address. But I don’t have any American address and I also don’t have a relative in America.

Hmmm, well you don’t need to have an American address or a relative in America. The service you are going to use will provide you with exactly that; and the name of the service is MyUS.

What is MyUS?

MyUS is a freight forwarder company based in the U.S.A. Freight forwarders are companies based in the US offering US addresses to customers that they can use and will also help with international shipping.

When you create an account with MyUS, you will automatically be given an American address that you can use to buy any product online. After the product is delivered to that address, MyUS will then deliver it to you here in Ghana for a very small fee.

Before you can do this, you first of all need to create a MyUS account.

How To Create A MyUS Account

  • On your web browser visit
  • On the upper part of the screen, click on SIGN UP.
  • Select your preferred package (Single Package, Premium, or Business). After that click on Sign Up below the package.
  • Fill in the required spaces with your first name, last name, email address, password, and password confirmation.
  • Click on Next.
  • Add your credit/debit card details (name on card, card number, security code, and expiration date)
  • NOTE: If you did not select the Premium or Business package, you are not going to be charged for anything. You just need to add the card.
  • Once you are done, review your order summary and click on Submit.
  • Wait for it to load and after that, you will be notified that your transaction has been successful.

How To Buy Any Product in U.S.A And Get It Delivered To You in Ghana

How To Buy Any Product in U.S.A And Get It Delivered To You in Ghana

Now that you have your MyUS account, you should have been given your physical United States address by now. If you have it, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the online shop you want to purchase the product.
  • Scroll through the products and add the products you want to your cart.
  • Once you are done shopping, click on checkout to check your cart.
  • Add your payment details and your MyUS address as the shipping details.
  • Wait for the transaction to be successful and wait for the product to be delivered to the address.
  • Once the product is received at MyUS, it will take a maximum of five (5) to get your product shipped to Ghana.
  • The MyUS representative will then deliver the product to the address you used when signing up on MyUS.
  • That’s it, you now have your American product delivered to you right here in Ghana.


Now that you know how to buy products online in America and get it shipped to you right here in Ghana, feel free to buy all your products you need online and MyUS will do the delivery for you.

This guide is self-explanatory but if you find any difficulties, make sure to write it down in the comments section below and I would attend to every single one of them.

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