How to Buy A University of Ghana Application Voucher Using Mobile Money on All Networks

Prospective University students can apply for admission even before their results are released by purchasing a voucher.

Getting admission in your dream University is one of the expectations of every Senior High School student. But, unlike Senior High School admissions, before you can be offered admission into a University, you need to apply personally.

At first, before you can apply for a University programme, you needed to:

  • Have your SSCE/WASSCE results at the time of application
  • Fill a hard copy application form and after that, mail it to the school through the post.

Due to technology, now you can apply to a University at the comfort of your home even without your SSCE/WASSCE results at the time of application. In order to do this, you need to purchase an E-voucher code either from the bank or at the comfort of your home using mobile money on all networks.

How to Buy a University of Ghana Application E-Voucher Using Mobile Money on All Networks

In April 2020, the University of Ghana in collaboration with ITCONSORTIUM introduced a new method of buying the E-Voucher for an application using mobile money. It’s not clear whether the introduction of this service brought about as a result of the coronavirus or it was something they had planned already.

All the same, in this article, we are going to show you how you can purchase a University of Ghana application E-voucher using mobile money on all networks in five (5) simple steps.

But before you begin with the process, you need to make sure that you have not less than GH¢ 202 in your mobile money wallet.

You can buy a University of Ghana Application E-Voucher by following the steps below:

  1. Dial *887*18#
  2. Enter UG
  3. Confirm your details
  4. Authorise the payment
  5. Receive your voucher via SMS

Now, let’s break down the whole process for you.

Dial *887*18#

After checking the balance in your mobile wallet and it is exactly GH¢ 202 or more then, on your mobile phone, open your phone app and dial the short code *887*18#. This shortcode works on all mobile networks and all mobile phone types; whether “yam”, Android or iOS.

Enter UG

After entering the shortcode, a new welcome screen will show with the heading ‘Welcome to e-Voucher Service.

Under the welcome message, you will be asked to ‘Enter the Name or Alias of the Institution’ you are buying the voucher for. An example will be shown under that and that is the same school we are talking about today.

Therefore you can type University of Ghana or UG but not both. After that then you press enter or next or reply, anyone that fits your phone type.

Confirm details

After inputting the name or alias of your preferred institution, a new page will be shown with the name of the institution you selected and the price of the voucher (in this case GH¢ 200).

You will then be asked to ‘Press 1 to proceed or 0 to cancel’ the transaction.

 If the details shown matches the one you are requesting the voucher for, you can proceed. But if the name of the institution does not match the one you are looking for, you need to cancel and restart the process again.

Authorize Payment

When you are done checking for errors, and you select to proceed, a page will show displaying ‘Transaction processing. Please wait for the bill to approve payment’.

You can then dismiss and wait for a bill from your mobile money provider. When you receive the bill from your provider, you then need to approve it by following all the necessary instructions.

Receive your Voucher via SMS

After successful authorization, an SMS of Voucher is sent to your mobile money number.

The Voucher includes:

  • a Voucher serial of the format: UGXXXXXXX, where the XXXXXXX is a 7-digit number and
  • 13-digit PIN.

What if I Don’t Receive Any SMS?

In some situations, your Voucher will be sent to your mobile number late due to network issues OR you may mistakenly delete the message containing the Voucher. If such a thing happens, you can use the steps below to retrieve your Voucher.

  1. Dial *887*18#
  2. Select “Yes”
  3. Retrieve E-Voucher
  4. Details of your E-Voucher will be displayed (this include the University of Ghana, Serial Number and PIN)

NOTE: You can always retrieve the details of the E-Vouchers that you have purchased using your mobile money.


You need to be willing to learn hard and pass your exam after you have applied because more than 20,000 students apply each year out of which only about 10,000 will be selected.

The University of Ghana has one of the easiest online application procedures in Ghana, where you can apply for admission in less than 30 minutes.

That’s it, you are all set now to apply for admission at the University of Ghana.

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