Camera apps you can use for Android phones for better photo quality

Due to the increased number of photographs that are taken each day, getting the right camera for your phone is always important. But, what will you do if you are not able to meet some of the requirements you want from your phone?

The answer to that question is by using camera apps that are available on the Google Play Store for all Android devices. This article is going to show you some of the recommended camera apps you can use for Android phones for better photo quality.

Camera and photo quality are some of the main features that phone manufacturers focus on every year when making upgrades. But are they able to achieve exactly that? The answer is NO!

Most of the time they are not able to meet exactly the demands of the user and this is when camera apps come in to enhance the quality of your photos. Some of these camera apps have unique features that are not available on the phone’s original camera.

Camera apps you can use for Android phones for better photo quality

A Better Camera

A Better Camera just like all the camera apps on my list today is a free camera app that is available for download on the Google Play Store. The name of the app, A Better Camera suggests something strong to you and that’s exactly what it does.

Some of the features of this app support HDR images, multi-shot modes, night mode, video recording, and more interestingly, a 360-degree panorama. Also, there are some extra features such as object removal that remove objects from your photo.

Camera MX

One of the oldest camera apps on the Google Play Store is Camera MX and though it is old, it is regularly updated by its developers. This makes it even more fun and good to use for your photos on your Android phone.

The app has several features; some of which include several shooting modes, and also the ability to create your GIF. Camera MX also has a built-in photo editor that can be used to perform some basic photo editing.

Google Camera

Just as the name suggests, this app is an official product of Google Inc. and is the one that is usually found on most Google devices. Google Camera is a “small boy danger” because it has small but powerful features that stand out from the other apps.

Some of these features include a lens blur mode, slow motion (depending on your device), photospheres, etc. Considering the manufacturer of the app and the feature it has, this app is worth trying.

Camera 360

We can never talk about camera apps without talking about Camera 360. The app is known in recent times as a sticker creation camera app with no significant features but that is not the case. It has some cool features.

Apart from the stickers that it is highly associated with, Camera 360 also has different shot modes, posterior, tilt-shift-blurs, and a list of others. Also, the selfie camera has some pretty cool and nice features as well; especially the skin tone ambiance.

Snap Camera HDR

The last camera app on my list today is Snap Camera HDR. This app is perfect for persons who want close to nothing top-notch quality photos. Especially, professional and amateur photographers who use mobile phones for their activities.

Snap Camera HDR supports 4K video recording, manual camera contents, RAW support, HDR, and some file size options. You can also switch between fun shooting modes, colour effects, borders, etc.


Please take your time, read through the different apps recommended in this article, and choose the one you think fits your preference. In case you are confused about what to choose, you can download more than one app and try out both to see the best one.

Although these apps are free, to enjoy more advanced settings you need to upgrade to the pro versions for a fee (monthly or annually depending on the app).

Do you know of any other camera apps you can use for Android phones for better photo quality? Feel free to write it down in the comments section below and I will add it to my subsequent articles.

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