Can You Leave a Voicemail if Your Number is Blocked?

You’ve probably come across this situation before, you try to call someone and their number appears blocked on your caller ID.

You may even have been the one who blocked your own number from calling in the first place. But it can still be frustrating when you’re trying to contact someone and their number appears unavailable, whether or not it’s actually because they don’t want to be reached at that moment or if it’s simply due to having their number blocked.

So what happens if you try to leave a voice mail? Can you do so with your number being blocked?

Why would someone block your number?

Many people will block a number if they are getting unwanted calls. They may also block a number to keep the caller from seeing their name or for personal safety reasons.

Another reason someone might block a number is that, they do not want to answer calls from unknown numbers, or if they have multiple devices and do not want all of them going off at once when they get an incoming call.

Can you leave a voice mail if your number is blocked?

It is not completely impossible but it is impossible. Why i am saying this is that, technology has improved and there can be a crooked tech method someone use to do so but with what I know, it is someway impossible.

Most telecommunication companies and VoIP providers will allow you to block the caller ID for outgoing calls, as well as voice mail messages.

How will you know if your number has been blocked

If someone is blocking your number, in most cases, he/she won’t say im blocking you so to know if you have been blocked, unless maybe you are making a call through or sending a message.

You will know if you have been blocked or not when you are calling the number that have blocked you or when you are sending a message to the number. You will then be alerted by the network provider that, you have been blocked.

Can your voicemail be read when you send it?

You have been blocked. All communications have been closed. That Makes it impossible for the other to know whether you have called or not. They can only read your message or listen to your voice mail when they unblock you and you forward the message again.

How to block a number on ios device

  1. Open the messages app or call logs
  2. Select the conversation with the person you want to block or the number.
  3. Tap More, and then tap Block.
  4. You’ll be asked if you’re sure; tap Block again. This will take them out of your messages and alerts.
  5. However, they may still have your number from previous texts or calls if you never changed it in their phone settings.

How to block a number on android device

  1. Press the phone icon and select Settings or Call Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Call blocking, then tap it.
  3. Choose Block contacts, followed by OK. –
  4. To add numbers to the blocked list, tap the + button and block the number.


It’s not possible to leave voice mail if your number is blocked. When you call, it will automatically end leaving you no trace on how to contact the number. Unless they’re able to reply via SMS, there’s no way for them to get back in touch with you.

The only way around this issue is by utilizing an alternate method of contact such as sending text messages or emailing someone, who can then pass that information along or have the blocked caller dial in themselves.

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