Car Manufacturing & Assembling Plants and Companies in Ghana

Ghana is one of the countries with the largest number of imported cars in the world. Though the duty on some of the cars is expensive, the importers find it very cheap comparing it to the new ones they will buy here in Ghana.

The main reason is that there are a few manufacturing and assembling plants. This has led to the establishment of several car manufacturing & assembling plants and companies in Ghana.

These car manufacturing & assembling plants and companies were established to produce their cars locally and therefore provide employment and also reduce the price of the cars. This will lead to reduced numbers of imports in Ghana.

All of the companies on our list today are foreign companies that have decided to establish their branches in Ghana to help grow the local automobile industry.

Except for one, Kantanka Automobile Company & Assembly Plant which is owned by the renowned Apostle Kwadwo Safo.

This article is focused on only three (3) of the car manufacturing & assembling plants and companies in Ghana whether it is owned by a foreign or local company.

Mahindra Assembly Plant

This assembly plant is owned by an Indian company Mahindra & Mahindra Limited and their local partner Mahindra & Mahindra Ghana Limited; manufacturers of all Mahindra cars in Ghana and abroad.

The Mahindra Assembly plant was set up in Ghana to serve people in West Africa and the Africa continent at large and also explore the investment opportunities. The plant is close to 9.5 acres in size and is located at the Southern Part of Accra.

The cars produced from this assembly plant is sold to the Government of Ghana, state institutions, private institutions, United Nations officials in Ghana, Africa and across the globe.

Currently, the company has collaborated with Fidelity Bank Ghana to assist customers through their hire purchase and lease scheme.

Under this policy, customers can acquire a Mahindra car and pay later according to the agreed terms and conditions.

Kantanka Automobile Company Limited & Manufacturing Plant

This is the only car manufacturing & assembling plant and company in Ghana that is owned solely by a Ghanaian, Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo. He is also the leader and founder of the Kristo Asafo Mission in Ghana.

Before setting up his own company, he worked at the popular Suame Magazine in Kumasi in the early 1970s. Now enough of the history stuff.

This plant was established to provide cars that were meant for the normal Ghanaian person and road.

After a car is manufactured by Kantanka Automobile LTD, it is tested on almost all the types of roads across the country.

As a result, all the vehicles that come out perfectly fits the Ghanaian road and can last longer. Some of which are the Kantanka Saloon, Onantefo, and Omama.

The plant has in the past years produced vehicles that use solar, electricity, clapping, handkerchief, ring, and even a walking stick to function and is located at Gomoa Mpota.

Volkswagen Ghana Assembly Plant

This is the latest car manufacturing & assembling plant and company in Ghana. The first vehicle assembled in Ghana was unveiled in August 2020 and it is located at Accra North Industrial Area.

The Volkswagen assembly plant is aimed at providing quality cars for Ghanaians and people from outside Ghana alongside employing Ghanaians.

Volkswagen’s assembly plant in Ghana will initially focus on new passenger cars, SUVs, and light commercial vehicles including pickups and minibusses which are some of the most used cars in Ghana.

The target is to produce 5,000 brand new cars in the first year as a result of the high demand in these cars around the world.


Most of the wealthy countries are mainly wealthy because of the automobile industry. For example, Ferrari has a major influence on Italy’s economy and when they seized production because of the COVID-19 it affected the economy.

Therefore, these car manufacturing & assembling plant and companies in Ghana play a major role in the country and should be encouraged to work harder.

Other companies have also shown interest in establishing their assembly plants in Ghana. For example, Toyota, Sinotruk, etc.; and are expected to begin production by the end of the year.

Do you know of other car manufacturing & assembling plants and companies in Ghana? Please comment in the comments section below and we will put it in our subsequent articles.

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