Cheap Courier And Delivery Services In Nigeria

Every day, millions of packages and parcels are sent to Nigeria, and there are many logistics companies that you will find here, as well as courier services that provide packages from home, office, or from abroad. Have you been looking for courier or delivery services in Nigeria?

We recommend you choose an affordable courier service because we have taken the pain to select some of the cheapest options for everyday life or business life. Here we know that all logistics and courier services offered locally in all states of Nigeria.

Because of the non-existing service of the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) in Nigeria for some time, it has forced many people and corporate organizations in Nigeria to rely on the usage of private companies to participate in private packages to ensure that their goods were securely cleverly sent to their destination, to avoid being a victim of theft, delay, robbery, loss of the package during transport and lack of expertise.

Many private investors see this decline as an investment opportunity and have decided to establish their own courier company operating in Nigeria and internationally. Some of them are really good and make it much better than NIPOST, but many of them have some of the courier companies that are characterized by delivery, customer service, and cost-efficiency.

List of Cheap Courier Services in Nigeria

AB Logistics

This is the cheapest Nigerian company on our list, and we gladly deliver packets from door to door. We promise low prices and for light packages we guarantee prices start at 800 Naira.

You can use this company to send documents, packages, invitations, etc. You can use this company to send documents, packages, invitations, and more. The amazing thing is that you don’t need to spend more than 2600 to send 2kg goods from Abuja to Lagos.

EMS SpeedPost

The company has been helping Nigerians greatly since the year 1986 with enough experience to bring fast delivery and quality package handling to all users.

Some users think that this company is closely related to NIPOST, but you don’t have to worry about SpeedPost because it is not only fast and cheap but also more reliable and very affordable.

GIG Logistics

This is a famous Nigerian company providing freight forwarding services to all Nigerian citizens, It is easy to send your goods or products with this company as you only have to visit their office in your city to send your parcel to another city in Nigeria.

GIG Logistics also accepts parcels from Ghana to Nigeria.

ABC Cargo

This courier company was established in 1990s and offers a wide range delivery and delivery services to citizens and visitors.

The company offers a wide range of shipping, management and support services. It will not disappoint anyone. They have different terminals across the country and provide services to both individuals and big businesses.


With DHL You can ship your goods and send your letters to over 150 countries around the world. People have used DHL many times The downside of using DHL is that their services is a bit expensive and can is not affordable for the average Nigerian.

United Parcel Service (UPS)

Rightly following on DHL is UPS, which also operates on a global level. UPS has been offering reliable and challenges-free packages and has maintained a great record of parcel delivery services in Nigeria for years.

Like many other international companies, UPS is used in many different countries, including Nigeria. It is a reliable company that can deliver your packages and provides high-quality delivery services.

The amount of shipping a package that weighs up to 2 kilograms from Lagos to Abuja would be approximately 6,400 Naira (through their standard 2-3-day shipping).

Sky Web Worldwide

Sky web is another prominent messaging service company. The company was established in America in 1972 and has more than a thousand strategic offices around the world.

Sky web is known to be a technology-driven international supply company providing door-to-door mail and parcel delivery service.


Fedex is known as the discoverer of express delivery.

They operate in over 220 countries around the world. As a consumer in Nigeria, Fed express will connect you with any of those countries in one to three business days. The company is also committed to providing an environmentally friendly resolution that will increase power and reduce waste and emissions

It is easy to track your package once it is handed over to FedEx by entering the chase number. Additionally, a delivery indication will be sent to you once your package reaches its destination.


One of the things you should consider before choosing the courier service to use is Speed; this can be the most important thing which you need to consider before selecting a courier or delivery service to use.

You want to consider how long the package is delivered to the scheduled destination. Take into account the typical speed delivery for each courier service you consider and judge that corresponds to your liking at this time.

Another thing to consider before making your courier choice is the Areas covered by each courier company; Numerous courier services cover different areas inside and outside the country when the covered areas are within the range To which you want to send the package, take into account the opposite factors in the list to make your decision.

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