How To Check Your MTN SIM Registration Status

In today’s digital world, the use of the Mobile phone is practically impossible to do away with.

It has formed part of our lives one way or the other and we have had to understand and live with this for so many years.

One thing that for sure drives the usage of mobile phones in most parts of the world is the Simcard.

While Wifi connectivity may be enough for running your phone especially the smartphones, Simcard is largely the driver for mobile phones, especially in Ghana.

At such, it is important that we discuss the use of the Simcard in our mobile devices and how to ensure that they are registered properly.

When we talk of mobile telecommunications network operators in Ghana, there’s one name which stands out presently and that’s MTN.

With the possibility of your Simcard being involved in any situation where you need to identify ownership of it, how do you verify your Simcard Registration status and details on MTN?

Well, I have all the answers you need to that question in this very article. Sit tight and find the answers you want and more below.

How To Check Your Sim Card Registration Details

To check whether your SIM card is registered and also find out the SIM card registration details of your MTN line, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Using the Simcard you want to verify, dial *400#
  2. Wait for some few seconds for the result to load.
  3. If registered properly, you’d see your name in full appear on the next page with other information about how to correct wrong registration details.

So, for example, in my case, when I dial that code on my MTN number, I get this feedback: GODWIN GABLA.

However, if the SIM card is not registered, you’ll be informed in the feedback that the SIM card isn’t registered.

What To Do If Your Registration Details Are Inaccurate

For some strange or coincidental reasons, you may have some parts of your registration details inaccurately entered. When you confirm this by dialling *400#, what are the options available for you?

Here, under this subheading, I shall run you through the necessary steps you need to take to handle such a situation.

  • Visit any nearby any MTN Ghana branch with your ID card, images of your ID card and other relevant information to personally change your registration details.
  • You can also call the customer care line ‘100’ and follow the prompts to talk to an agent about your problem. Make sure to have all details about your sim card and your ID card available before making this call.
  • You may also Whatsapp MTN customer care line via 0555300000.
  • If you prioritize emails, you can as well send your ID card, your details, Simcard details and other vital information via emails to [email protected].

Why Do You Need To Get Your Simcard Properly Registered?

Simcard registration is a very important part of the Telecommunication process, especially in Ghana.

With the spate of mobile technology fraud activities going on, you need to ensure that your Simcard is properly registered so that in case of any Simcard problems or Mobile payment issues, you can always lay claims of ownership.

You can’t claim a Simcard which bears a different registration detail aside from the one available on your ID card. It would be very difficult for you to do, even if you succeed.


In Ghana, the majority of us use sim cards on our mobile phones since mobile data is the largest form of internet access in the country.

Aside from that, calls and text messages are usually done with our Simcards hence the proliferation of Simcard usage in the country.

But, using your Simcard on a phone is not enough. You need to register your Simcard and make sure that it is properly registered in order to avert any future challenges which are likely to come your way by way of using your Simcard.

In this article, I was able to take you through the steps involved in verifying your MTN Simcard registration details plus how to correct any errors associated with your registration.

I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions, comments or reservations regarding this article, kindly let us know in the comment box below.

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