How To Check Your SSNIT Contributions & Statement Online in Ghana

It is the dream of every worker to be able to carry up that special vacation or take up a special project when they finally cross their retirement age.

In Ghana, the sure way to live such dreams is for one to have a regular SSNIT contribution for at least 15 years (180 months).

It is however unfortunate that some times, if not most times, SSNIT contributions for some workers do not seem to be well recorded in the systems and sadly enough, they only get to know when their time is due for retirement.

So, in this article, we shall take you through a convenient way of checking your SSNIT contributions online using your PC or your phone to be sure of your contributions and check for any discrepancies.

How To Check Your SSNIT Contributions Online & Download Statement in Ghana

Follow the steps below to check your SSNIT contributions and download your SSNIT statement online:

  1. Request a portal identification number from SSNIT
  2. Login to the SSNIT Website
  3. Setup your security credentials
  4. Check your contributions and benefit
  5. Print your statement or download it as a PDF

Now let’s break the process down for you:

Request a portal identification number from SSNIT

First, you need to have a portal identification number to access your account.

This ID is usually given once you enroll and re-enroll. You may contact an SSNIT via their call centre numbers 0302 611 622 to seek a portal ID and password which would be sent to you via email.

Youcan also get the ID by visiting the Biometric Terminal.

Login to the SSNIT Website

You can now login to the SSNIT website – On your right side, there is a sign in button.

Click on it, provide your details as you follow all the steps. If you are a Scheme Member, your user name will be the Social Security Number.

The password is the one that was sent earlier in your email.

Setup your security credentials

The third step is entering a new password and confirming it. You must also respond to the security question.

Check your contributions and benefit

Once you log in, you can choose the services that you want. You can see all your contributions from the very first year you entered the service down to the present year.

The number of months you’ve contributed for each year and your total contributions so far will be indicated. You also get to see the benefits you are qualified for.


Most times, your SSNIT contributions displayed in your account are a month short. This is because the previous month’s contributions are usually paid towards the end of the present month.

Sothey are usually less by one month. This shouldn’t be a problem to you. However, if your contributions are less by two or more months, then you you should be worried.

Youcan then call The SSNIT office or check into any branch near you to complain. Also remember to keep your password and security questions intact so you could always access your account.

Your SSNIT Contributions are a key to a perfect retirement.

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