How To Check Your Surfline Data Balance

The world over, internet is the biggest medium of communication today, thanks to social media and the millions of applications and websites available.

Internet penetration in Ghana has tremendously improved over the past years with many young and old Ghanaians currently using the service on their mobile devices and their computers as well.

With the increase in internet usage across the country, there has been the proliferation of internet service providers in the country.

Amongst the many Internet Service providers currently operating in Ghana, Surfline is one of the best service providers in terms of data prices and speed.

One thing everyone wants to know as soon as they start using the internet is how to check data usage and balance so that they aren’t caught in a situation of ‘no data’.

In this article, I shall discuss with you how to check your internet data balance on your Surfline.

There are basically two ways to check data balance on your Surfline device. You can either use the shortcode or check using the online system.

With the shortcode method, you can use it without internet connections so that makes it more accessible and a preferred choice.

Checking Your Surfline Data Balance Using Shortcode

In order for you to check your Surfline data balance using the shortcode system, you don’t need any special connection and also you don’t need to use the Surfline online portal for that. You can simply do this on any mobile device and on any other network as well. It is very flexible and simple.

So, to do that, follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *718*77# on all networks.
  2. Select option one from the next screen.
  3. Enter your Surfline number
  4. Select option 1 to enter the data balance menu
  5. Once the previous step is done correctly, you should receive your balance in a few seconds and then you can exit the screen.

How To Check Your Surfline Data Balance Online

Checking your Surfline Data balance online is one of the easiest things you can do with your Surfline device.

In order to achieve this though you have to be connected on the Surfline Wifi network.

The steps below help youcheck your Surfline data online:

  1. Login to your Surfline portal on your computer.
  2. Look through the tabs and click on ‘My Account’ under the account information tab.
  3. Once the next page opens up, select your preferred Surfline number which you want to check data balance for.
  4. Click on Submit
  5. On the next page, select ‘Data Balance’ to see your current and remaining data bundle.


Using the internet has become a core part of our lives as humans with many people using the internet for communication, business transactions, entertainment and education.

One thing that we all hate however is for us to run out of data in the middle of something important especially when it’ll be difficult for us to buy a new data bundle at that point.

In order to avoid this situation, mostly, one would like to check their data bundle from time to time.

For those using Surfline Wifi connectivity, it is not any different. They need to check their data bundles from time to time to know how much data they’ve used and how much they have left.

In this article, I discussed the two main ways of checking data balance on Surfline devices.

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