Check & Verify Plate Number Owner In Nigeria Through FRSC Website, SMS & Mobile App

In Nigeria like many parts of the world, there are some governmental organization that has been designated for some certain activities in the country. The Federal Road Safety Commission popularly known as FRSC is one of these governmental organization, one of their duty is to ensure safety on all roads that run across the country. They also ensure the enforcement of the rules and regulations that govern the road and its users.

To ensure the safety of road users and the security of the country at large, FRSC ensures that they allocate a number to all owners of vehicles in the country, these numbers serve as proof that the vehicle on which it is placed has been registered under the appropriate body.


However, there have been situations that necessitate the verification of plate numbers owners; while driving on the road one would often come across cases of robbery attacks, theft, assault, accidents, over speeding, kidnapping and so on; many at times the only safe way out of these occurrences is by noting down the plate numbers of the perpetrators and reporting them to the nearest police station, the job would become easier for the policemen if the verification o the pate number owners have been done before the report is being made.

All vehicles in Nigeria has to be registered under the federal road safety commission and thereby issued a registration number which would be inscribed on a metal plate. Many dubious people have taken advantage of this enforcement to drain the law-abiding citizens of Nigeria of their hard-earned money. So aside from verifying the owners of the plate number of other vehicles, it is also very important that you verify your own plate number too, this should be done to ensure that you have don’t fallen into the hand of fraudsters and to also make sure you’re doing the right thing.

A recent survey confirms that over 30% of vehicles moving on Nigerian roads are carrying a fake plate number either with or without the vehicle owner’s knowledge; this simply means that these cars have not been registered in the appropriate quarters, the vehicle owners have either chosen to forge registration numbers or has been duped by fraudsters who disguised themselves as FRSC officials.

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To verify if your vehicle has been registered by the right quarters, which is the FRSC, we have compiled three methods that would be of the utmost assistance to you and many others who would come across with this article.


How To Verify Vehicles Plate Number Through The FRSC Oficial Website/portal

Many car owners are not aware of the fact that FRSC like many other agencies in Nigeria has an official website where a whole lot of things could be done, one of the things that could be done on the official website of the Federal ROAD Safety Commission is the checking and verification of vehicle’s plate number.

Below are the procedures that would help you in checking for the authenticity of vehicles plate number:

  • Simply type in the official web address of the FRSC that has been designated for plate number verification on your mobile or computer browser, this web address is
  • You will be taken directly to the plate number verification page, enter the plate number of the vehicle whose authenticity you want to verify n the space provided on the page. A typical example of a vehicle plate number is JHG445MK, ensure to enter this number without adding any symbol or space to it, else it would be rejected.
  • Select the “submit” button. Then the information of the vehicle would be displayed if it has been registered with the FRSC, but if nit it will bring a null result.
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How to verify Vehicles Plate Number Through Text Messages

This is an alternative provided by those who might find it difficult to navigate through the online portal of the Federal Road Safety Commission. It is very convenient and could be done on any mobile phone, it also requires no internet connection.

  1. Navigate through the text message icon of your mobile phone and type “Verify plate no [your plate number]; ensure to enter this number without adding any symbol or space to it.
  2. Send it to 33324
  3. You’ll get a return message room them within a short period of time showing the information of the vehicle whose plate number you sent. If the vehicle is yet to be registered with the FRSC, it will bring a null result.

How to verify Vehicles Plate Number Through The FRSC Mobile Application

Advancement of Technology has made things becomes more easy and accessible to be people. The Federal Road Safety Commission like many other agencies in Nigeria has a mobile application designed to make their services accessible to people across the country.

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On the mobile application of the Federal Road Safety Commission, there are several activities that could be performed easily; there are some things you could do on the application instead of visiting their of these things is the verification of the plate number of vehicles.

  1. Go to google play store on your mobile phone and search for FRSC app or click this link to download the app directly.
  2. Launch the application and enter your plate number on the space provided; ensure to enter this number without adding any symbol or space to it, else it would be rejected.
  3. Click on verify and the result showing your vehicle information would be displayed if the vehicle has been registered with the FRSC, but if nit it will bring a null result.


The information that would be displayed is that of the vehicle model, vehicle colour and the registration date, this is done so as to ensure the security of the vehicle owner and protect them against perpetrators.

If the information that was displayed on the portal doesn’t correlate with your type of vehicle, simply gather your particulars and move to the nearest office of FRSC to avoid future embarrassment by the law enforcing officers.

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