CodeXtra: This Ghana app connects you with IT Freelancers all over Africa

The CodeXtra app was developed by a Ghanaian App Developer and Freelancer, Ebenezer Narh-ngwah to provide solutions to some of the freelancing problems he faced.

When it comes to freelancing in Ghana, only a handful of homegrown solutions are on the market. A lot of people resort to sites like UpWork which have not been carefully crafted for the Ghanaian.

There are the other groups of people, who actually freelance, but don’t even call it as “freelancing”.

Yes, freelancing in Ghana is somewhat sketchy. If you are self-employed, providing services for some different number of clients and getting paid, usually in the short run, you are most likely freelancing.

CodeXtra was developed by a Ghanaian tech person and App developer, Ebenezer Narh-ngwah to connect persons in the IT space – Employers and Freelancers.

For freelancers in the IT Space, CodeXtra gets you connected with potential clients and exposes your freelancing business with ease. Freelancers have the chance to showcase their portfolio and there is the wonderful option for more than one freelancer to connect and work together on a single project.

And for Employers who need the services of these freelancers, you can use the CodeXtra Platform to find and select the best candidates for your project.

Some popular requests from employers on the CodeXtra platform are the app and website development, Corporate and Personal Logo design as well as other Graphic Designing work and the designing and development of software applications.

Payment for services is not done on the app. Rather, employer and freelancer bargain and the payment is made through their agreed means. This means that if agreed on, you could be making payments to the freelancers via means like Mobile Money.

Download CodeXtra

Hire, Connect and Share your experience with Freelancers in Africa by downloading the CodeXtra App from the google play store! Get the free app:

The app currently has a 4.6 rating on the Google Play Store.

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