Complete Guide on Adding Bots to your Discord Server

With Discord, which was created exclusively for gamers, they can communicate with their team while playing through texting, talking, or even video chatting.

The hard disk won’t require much room to install in PCs or Androids because it takes up less space. Since you can converse in the meantime, your plans can easily overcome the adversaries, allowing you to enjoy the moment with the crew.

A free gaming chat platform is called Discord. It is without a doubt utilized by thousands of gamers worldwide and is quite well-liked. On this app, managing servers is really straightforward and easy. Discord is also fairly simple to use.

Even if this app already has a lot of wonderful and thrilling features, there is always room to add some more useful functions. 

A large number of users wish to add bots to the Discord server in order to access more sophisticated functions.

As a matter of fact, not everyone uses Discord in the same way. Consequently, to assist you in personalizing the Discord in accordance with your preferences. Users can add bots to their Discord servers. These bots let you expand the discord’s functionality and customize it to your preferences.

How to discover discord bots

With the help of the well-known chat program Discord, you may communicate with your pals while playing games. For more sophisticated functionality, a lot of users desire to build a bot for the Discord server.

Before starting, it’s important to keep in mind that installing bots through mobile and desktop are essentially the same. Therefore, you may skip the majority of the stages if you are already familiar with this strategy.

As there are several sorts of bots available online, there are numerous ways to add them to the Discord server.

Let’s quickly examine how to locate helpful Discord bots in 2022 before learning how to install bots to a server. There are a few methods to achieve this, but visiting the unofficial Discord bot list website is the quickest and one I use most frequently.

The most popular Discord bots are listed directly on the home page of our website, and you may choose to add them to your server if you’d like.

You may also use the helpful search feature on this website to discover the right bots for your use case. Move on to the next section to discover how to connect Discord bots to your server once you have identified a bot (or several bots) that you wish to add.

In addition, you may visit the websites listed below to get Discord bots for your servers:

  • GitHub
  • Carbonitex
  • Top

What is discord bot

What is the Discord bot? This is a question that has to be answered. Only Discord bots that have more features than a typical user have access to the platform.

Users of Discord have the ability to build their own custom bots that can do any task they like. It can interact with people, run servers, and other behaviors that humans can. 

AI-enabled bots may be built to carry out a variety of functions, from introducing new members to summarizing important articles.

Discord has expanded significantly in the two years since it first arrived on the scene in 2015, and although it was designed primarily for gamers, digital marketers are finding ways to leverage it to their advantage.

Why discord dot?

So as to converse! For any variety of purposes, anyone may build a Discord server for free. Generally speaking, you may use it to call or text your buddies together in a group chat.

Post gifs, memes, screenshots, and other content there, or use it to journal your day.

Alternatively, you may use speech channels to make jokes or plot actions while you’re still playing the game. losing a game? Your pals may watch you play while you stream them, and they can offer suggestions or, more likely, just laugh at your poor aim.

Discord is frequently used by game developers and publishers as a platform for giving their communities access to cool gaming content.

On Discord, you may access a game as well as view concept art and fresh images.

Discord dots and its safety

There are many fantastic bots on Discord, however, some of them pose a risk of hacking, data leakage, or spamming.


  1. Avoid introducing a lot of bots to the server (That is also unknown)
  2. Block a bot if it contacts you and is unknown! (If the bot is well-known and trusted, it is secure.)
  3. If a bot sends you questionable links that you are unaware of, block the bot and report it right away.
  4. Is a bot requesting your contact details such as your phone number and email address? Don’t provide the details since it will be sent straight to the developer of the bot.
  5. When accepting a bot into your server, check the permissions and REMOVE ADMINISTRATOR since doing so might put your server at risk. Perhaps the discord bot is only attempting to upload malware to your server, in which case having administrator access will make it extremely simple for the bot to do so.
  6. Please refrain from inviting any bots without first doing your research on them.
  7. Just consider: Have you ever seen a popular server with random Discord bots? You know, popular servers with nice votes for the bots. Don’t add random bots and verify each one’s review, or make a remark to assist others in selecting the bot.

The best way to add bots to discord

You should be aware that you need to manage server permission on the Discord server you want to add bots to in order to add bots, so read the whole step-by-step tutorial before continuing.

It’s actually pretty simple to add bots to a Discord server. You can continue when you have completed the simple task of logging into your Discord account in the browser. But here’s how to do it if you haven’t yet made a Discord account:

  1. Open the Discord website and log in.
  2. visit the application page right now.
  3. There is a button for a new application there. Just click on the button.
  4. Give this new application a suitable name now, then select “create” from the menu.
  5. You may now add bots to your Discord server with no problems. You should continue and read the detailed step-by-step instructions on adding bots to Discord that are provided below.
  6. I’m assuming that you already have the bots you want to add to your Discord server at this point. If you’re still seeking for Discord bots, check out a few reliable websites to get the best ones.
  7. when you have all of the bots you wish to add to your server. You are now prepared to continue. So, all you have to do to add bots to Discord is get a coffee, settle into your favorite chair, and continue reading. You can find a detailed step-by-step tutorial on creating a Discord bot below.
  8. Navigate to the Discord app website. Register a new account with Discord now. Initially, confirm that the server where you want to add the bots has the manage server rights.
  9. Simply select the Invite option if you are adding bots using the discord bots website. The Add the bot to the server button should be clicked, however, if you are carrying out the identical action from a third-party source.
  10. You will now be taken instantly to an authorization screen. You may choose a server from the drop-down menu right here. Press this button.
  11. Select the server that you want to add the bots to now. One of the easiest but most important stages in adding bots to Discord is this one. Simply choose the appropriate bots and add them to the discord server.
  12. You will now see a button with the word “AUTHORIZE” on it in front of you on the screen. The bots will be added to your Discord server as soon as the permission procedure is complete. Additionally, your Discord server’s sidebar will display it for you.

You must complete all of these steps in order to add bots to your Discord server. You may add bots to the Discord server by simply following the procedures above.

However, I should point out that many Discord bots are also housed on GitHub, which is a crucial fact. Therefore, if you want to add any of the GitHub bots.

You should read the GitHub projects’ wiki, in my opinion. The whole step-by-step installation tutorial for installing the bots on Discord from GitHub may be found there.

A discord server: What is it?

On Discord, servers are the actual locations. Different cultures and buddy groups contributed to their development. Most servers are modest and only open to those who have been invited. A few of the bigger servers are accessible to everyone.

Any user can launch a new server for nothing and invite their friends to join. Voice calls, video calls, text messages, media files, and secret chats in online communities known as “servers” are all ways that people communicate with one another.

Most servers are private, invite-only spaces where communities and groups of friends may stay in touch and hang together, rather than being open to the public.

Additionally, there are opportunities to join bigger, more inclusive organizations, many of which are centered around well-known video games like Minecraft and Fortnite.

People on Discord have total control over who they connect with and how they communicate with others because all chats are opt-in.

How can a discord server be set up?

The process of setting up a server is fairly simple and free. On the very left side of the Discord app, servers are listed. To add a server if you haven’t already, click the ‘Add Server’ button.

By using the instructions and templates that Discord has already created, you may quickly establish your own server.

You may build a server with only a few simple answers about its purpose, whether it will be public (open to everybody) or private (for friends only), and a name. You will have total authority over the server’s configuration.

Right-click on the list of channels on the server’s screen and choose “Invite People” to invite more people.

You are able to directly invite people from your friend list using this. You may also make a URL that anyone who has access to can use to join the server without your direct invitation.

People will be sent to your server in the app when they paste the link into their browser’s URL bar.

You may build voice and text chat channels to let server users communicate with one another separately from the main channel. In this manner, Rocket League players won’t disturb the Fall Guys players.

How to add discord Bot to your server

Once you’ve chosen the Discord bots you want to utilize in your channel, you should check to see if they’re still available by utilizing a bot list online or a straightforward Google search.

Then, pick the server to which you wish to add the bot by looking for the invite or add option. Remember that you may only execute this command on servers where you have administrator or moderator rights.

You should be able to use the bot right away by giving it a set of commands after it has finished uploading to the server.

 If a bot is bothering you, you may kick or ban it by right-clicking on it in the server member list.

An alternative way to add a bot to your discord server

  1. When you’re ready to choose a bot, click “View,” which will bring up the bot page.
  2. From here, click the invite button to give the bot an invitation to join your server.
  3. You need to be taken to Discord as soon as you complete this activity.
  4. You may sign in right away if you haven’t already. Choose the server you want the bot to be added to after that.
  5. If you can’t find the server, you probably need authorization from someone else there, perhaps someone with a higher role.
  6. After moving on, a list of actions the bot is capable of performing will be displayed. Click “Authorize” after selecting everything that applies.
  7. You’ll be sent to the bot’s website after you’ve added the bot successfully, at which point you’ll know. This isn’t the last step, though; you still need to assign a bot to a position on your server.
  8. Return to the dashboard and click the topmost server name. Then tap “Roles” under “Settings.” To assign responsibilities to your bots, use the Plus button.
  9. From here, choose “Members,” where you may designate a bot to a certain function.

If you can’t add Bot to your Discord server follow these steps:

If you don’t have the “Manage Server” permission, you might not be able to invite bots to a Discord server.

  1. Using the menu item, navigate to “Server Settings.
  2. Click on Roles
  3. Tap onManage Server,”
  4. You can ask the server administrator for permission to add bots.
  5. But keep in mind that you should only provide this access to those you can trust, not to everyone who joins your server.

Is a public discord server safe?

There are currently countless games with their own Discord servers. They serve as a forum for the community to interact with one another and the developer to communicate with fans and keep them informed about the development of the game.

You may either join by accepting a public invitation or by using the ‘Explore Public Servers’ option to browse the public servers.

Nearly 800,000 people participate in the Official Fortnite Channel, uploading screenshots, seeking groups, and talking about the game.

You must consent to the mentioned regulations before you may converse on any of the servers.

Reading the 14 rules, which prohibit disclosing personal information, harassing others, referring to dangerous websites, and affirming your agreement, is all that is necessary.

You will be able to communicate with the community quite safely if you do that.


That’s all I have to say about adding bots to Discord. Knowing how to add bots to the Discord server, you may do it right now. Now is the time to look up some fantastic bots and add them to the Discord server.

What are you still holding out for? Don’t hesitate to add the great bots that you find handy to your server. The market is flooded with bots that may be added to the Discord server.

On the internet, you may browse for some really cool websites. You can find everything you’re looking for with just the appropriate research.

You will undoubtedly discover some of the greatest and most outstanding bots that are currently on the market.

In short, bots are a great way to personalize your Discord server. The approach mentioned above makes it easy to add bots to Discord.

Therefore, all you need to do to create an incredible discord server is to discover the greatest bots, and then you will have a completely functional awesome discord server.

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