How To Conserve Your Phone Battery Life To Make It Last

Smartphones are generally beautiful, fancy and fun to hold and to own. Generally, smartphones provide users with the ability to do thousands of things on their handset without the need for a personal computer.

From capturing memories with the camera to recording live events and down to playing games and watching movies, smartphones are the toast of the moment.

However, one major problem we tend to face with the smartphone is the issue of battery life.

Most smartphones don’t stand the test of time when it comes to battery life. And this can be likened to certain attitudes of users and some features on the various devices.

If your smartphone is fond of consistently going low at a very quick rate, then this article is for you. We shall discuss some ways of conserving your phone battery life to make it last longer.

Turn Off Automatic Email Fetching

Turn Off Automatic Email Fetching

Some features make us feel very comfortable using our smartphones. However, most of these features secretly eat into our battery and cause it to drain faster.

One of such features is the email feature. For most phones, emails are set to be automatically crawled or synchronized by the device. So anytime there’s a new mail, the phone taps it instantly and gives you notice that you have an email.

This may look and sound fun. But, in reality, it eats a huge chunk of your phone’s battery since your device has to check every minute for new mails, thereby making use of your processer which also relies on the battery for power. So, turning off this function is likely to increase your battery life by at least some 10%.

Reduce Your Screen Brightness

Do you fancy having your screen light brighter so you can see everything super clearly? If yes, know that your battery suffers anytime you increase your screen brightness.

Checking your battery usage would inform you that your display uses your battery more than any other thing.

The core element of your screen display is the brightness. So the higher your brightness, the more battery your display uses.

It’s only right therefore that you set your screen brightness to the barest minimum which allows you to view things well and not strain your eyes too much.

Note also that a brighter screen light doesn’t only affect your battery. It also affects your health, specifically your eyes.

Use Your Phone At Room Temperature

SmartPhones use Lithium-ion batteries which usually perform well at room temperature.

When the temperature is too low or too high, it causes the battery to discharge very quickly and you may also notice the phone heating up in such situations.

It is best to use your phone in an enclosed space with a normal temperature between 0 to 39 degrees Celcius if you want to keep your battery life in perfect shape.

Even if at some point you have to use your phone under the direct sun, try to reduce the duration to the barest minimum so as to reduce the effect it has on your phone and battery life.

Reduce Gaming Time And Minimize Watching Videos

As you may already know, activities that require enough RAM space and so much processer power to run are likely to have so much impact on the battery life.

Games and videos are some of these memory-intensive and processor-intensive activities you can carry out on your phone.

The more you play games, especially the 3D and 4D action games on your smartphone, the more energy these games require from your phone in order to enable your processor to run these games smoothly.

Same way, when you watch movies and videos on your smartphone, it requires the use of a huge chunk of your processor and RAM which then suck more power from your battery – your phone’s energy source.

So, to save that extra power, avoid playing games on your phone. If you can’t avoid it altogether, then try to reduce it as much as possible.


The smartphone is the home for many applications and features which make life easier and smarter for the smart user.

However, all these features and applications rely on one basic thing which all phones have -battery.

So, how strong your smartphone is usually depends on how long your battery lasts while being used.

Sadly, for most people, this is a big issue. Their batteries keep running low at the least chance available.

In this article, we proferred solutions to the problem of depreciating battery life.

I hope you found this article to be very helpful and that you’ll share with your friends and family.

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