Creating a Digital World for Small Local Producers in Africa

Micro and small local manufacturers make up to 39.5% of all businesses in Africa, a continent whose internet penetration is 42% and increasing at a rate of 39.3% that is to say every 4 out of 10 people are gaining access to the internet. Most African local producers use a brick and mortar module of business that makes use of physical contact and this has led to the sector being affected the most by COVID-19.

Micro and small local manufacturers in Ghana make products that are quality and affordable. However, their work-life and impairment in new and advanced technology usage especially with regards to the internet make it virtually impossible to leverage the internet to grow their sales. The few ones that find themselves on other e-commerce platforms face fierce competition from large manufactures, hence become unnoticed.

These small manufacturers train young people who graduate only to be jobless in a few months due to a lack of startup capital or huge operating cost. Most of these manufacturers lack a lot and with a little help push, they could even offer job opportunities to their graduates for some period of time and this will also help in the reduction of the unemployment rate consuming the country and continent. creates online shops for local producers on the Ogaliya Marketplace regardless of the manufacturer’s tech know-how, at zero setup cost.

With this, we believe small local manufacturers can operate from anywhere and still thrive globally. They can now focus more on production, quality, training and employing more trained people to serve the growing demand while Ogaliya digitizes their businesses and give more exposure to their products and services.

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