Cyber Security from pCloud that Protects Your Peace of Mind

In the digital age, you can easily accumulate a plethora of music files, work files, documents, photos, videos, etc. With this, comes the question of safety and privacy. How to store them all? How do you know if your information is safe with Cybercrime and Ransomware hitting the headlines? Is there such a thing as peace of mind in the digital world? Well, if you are using cloud platforms with a history of data breaches, your information may be up for grabs.

Here are examples of data breaches from some of the big names on the market. Look at any one of the 17 headlines involving data storage mishaps with Microsoft Azure since 2010. And yes, even OneDrive has a history of being hacked. Google Cloud is an approachable tool for those who aren’t technologically advanced, but commonly doesn’t mean secure! This is a list of 11 headlines dated from 2009 featuring Google showing how easy it is for persistent cyber pirates to access your content. 

Microsoft Community even recommends storing copies of your files somewhere else to maintain accessibility. Believe it or not, Amazon has had issues with firewalls being breached, making their customers sitting ducks to any cyberpunk with an agenda. On June 22, 2022, Firewall Times posted on their website 18 headlines from the last 10 years that demonstrate Amazon’s vulnerability when it comes to keeping your information safe.

I know it’s a lot to take in at once, but I wouldn’t point out something like this unless It was important, and thankfully I have a real solution for consumers like you and I. 

There is one cloud platform that challenged over 600 hacking organizations with more than 2800 participants from 92 countries to hack their encryption for a $100,000 reward. Needless to say in the 180 days given to participants to complete this test of strength, the company thrived against the attacks, and zero breaches were made. The challenge may be over but you can still look at what everyone failed to decrypt.

Who am I talking about? pCloud, a platform who is aware of the issues consumers are up against in the modern world and has worked hard to provide security for anyone and for any file. All the greater, pCloud has created a cryptocurrency They don’t try to suck from your bank account once a month to provide this service either, instead they offer accessible pay-once lifetime plans which cover your business, your family, or just you.

All plans feature the military grade encryption service and ensure even your most sensitive files are untouchable to anyone besides you. You can select the pCloud Encryption lifetime plan for $125, which comes out to a cup of coffee per day, really a small price to pay for cyber armor which cannot be shattered. Check out the subscription plans here. Interested in getting the cost out of the way and protected indefinitely? Look at the lifetime plans here

In 2022 it’s hard to know who or what lurks behind the screen. pCloud has granted me the peace of mind I’ve been looking for, knowing that my projects and intimate documents are safe from third party access. It was a clear and easy choice to add pCloud as my cyber space security guard, because I value protection. If you do as well, I would encourage you to sign up today.

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