Dating Got You Down? Here Are 5 Tips

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Dating has changed immensely over recent decades. With the rise of the internet, online dating has become quite popular and is how many people end up meeting.

Online dating, and dating in general, however, can often lead to heartbreak and physical and emotional fatigue. But if dating has you down, don’t worry! 

This article will cover five helpful tips for any dating-related blues you might be experiencing. 

Dating and Mental Health

The rise of online dating means that dating today is often very different from before. But how does this technology affect us? It is simply not the same when you “meet” people for the first time online before actually seeing them and talking with them in person.

First of all, there are important safety precautions to take when it comes to online dating. If you are not careful, you can get in uncomfortable and even dangerous situations that may have long-lasting effects on your mental health.

Dating can boost your mental health, it can bring it down, or it can leave it relatively unchanged. In any case, it’s important to closely monitor your emotions and how dating is making you feel. If you are stressed, fatigued, sad, anxious, etc. then it’s probably best to give it a break and rethink how you are approaching the dating scene.

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5 Tips for the Dating Blues

Now, here are five helpful tips for handling the dating blues and rethinking your approach to dating in order to keep your best interests at heart (especially mentally). 

Keep Perspective 

When it comes to the dating blues, it’s important to keep perspective. Just because you may be having trouble with dating doesn’t mean that you should give up or fall into despair. 

Remind yourself that there are billions of people on the planet, which means there is surely someone out there who is right for you. It’s just a question of finding the right person, so try not to give up and remember to keep this perspective in mind. 

Keep Things Light 

Dating should be fun, but it often isn’t. Remember to keep things nice and light, especially at the beginning. This will help you see if you are truly compatible. If the person you are dating doesn’t share your sense of humor, it is a strong sign that you are not very compatible. Humor is an important part of chemistry. 

By keeping it light, you will also prevent yourself from getting in uncomfortable situations or getting too emotionally invested at the start. 

Don’t Set High Expectations 

Again, part of dating should be remembering your own best interests. A good way to sabotage your mental well-being is to set high expectations early on. If you do this, however, you’re much more likely to be disappointed.

Try to not get too ahead of yourself and just take things day by day instead. 

Be Yourself 

Authenticity is key when it comes to dating. After all, you want to find someone who will fall in love with you, the real you, not someone you’re pretending to be. 

Being yourself is an essential part of dating if you want to avoid heartbreak and mental anguish down the road. 

Take a Break 

If all else fails, and you are simply feeling miserable while trying to date, you should consider taking a break. Even just a week or two off of those same old dating apps is likely to do you some good.

Resist the temptations of FOMO (fear of missing out) and take as much time to yourself as you need before you try dating again. It will do you a world of good. 


Dating, especially online dating, can be hard. It can be tiring, disappointing, frustrating, and more. All of this may mean that you are feeling less than your best mentally. It’s important to keep your best interests in mind and closely monitor your mental health while dating to ensure that you stay healthy and happy. 

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