Download DenTymz App from PlayStore and Relive old High School days

The DenTymz app helps you to relive senior high school days in a modern interactive way.

Which Senior High School did you attend?

Ghanaians and essentially a lot of people all over the world pride themselves with the schools they attended. However, after school, most of the things that happened are mere memories, and reunions are very difficult most of the time. It’s life!

What if all the fun you had or missed from back in the days can be brought to your doorstep? What if there is one place where you can have live feeds of high school events like the National Science and Maths Quiz, Milo games, Athletics events etc?

Introducing DenTymz

On DenTymz old students of every high school is on one platform, grouped into their schools hence users can have the privacy of sharing content among just their alma mater or share content so old students from other schools would see. Single-sex schools who had alliances can also see the alliance page in their navigation drawer.

Speaking with Rudolf, founder of DenTymz, he said: “So the idea for DenTymz came about one evening, I was just singing “Gyama” from back in the day and it just hit me, after school how do we even relate? All we have are Alma mater facebook accounts and WhatsApp groups.  And these platforms are meant for the individual schools.”

Features of DenTymz

Grouped Postings

Post into your school and it will be seen by all who completed the school as well as anyone who follows it.

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Post into your year group and it will be seen by only those who completed the school and from the same year group If your school has an alliance with another school such as in the case of some single-sex schools, you will get extra options to post to your alliance school or year group and the same logic applies.

Follow Schools

Follow other schools to view what alumni from those schools are sharing Alumni who follow your school will also see what you share if you post into your school.

Easily Switch Feeds

Switch between posts from your school and all schools you follow using the Home option from your navigation drawer Switching to your school will only show posts from your school Switch to your year group to see posts from only your year group If your school has an alliance with another school in the case of some single-sex schools.

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You will get extra options to navigate to your alliance school or alliance year group.

Chat with your friends

Users can also send chat requests to people they want to chat with and catch up on without leaving the App.

Personality of the Week

The app also has the “personality of the week” feature where notable people in our society who have made it through the struggle of school time share how they made it and what they are doing now. Users can also send chat requests to people they want to chat with and catch up on without leaving the App’s interface.

Check out Screenshots from the DenTymz App:

Download DenTymz

Although in the beta phase, you can still download DenTymz from Google PlayStore. Follow DenTymz on Facebook or visit their landing page.

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