Diesel Watch: A Quick Guide to the Brand’s Five Best Collections

With Diesel’s collection of distinctive and fashionable watches, there is no doubt why it became one of the leading watch brands in the horology market today. The brand caters to a wide variety of luxury pieces that are still available at a very reasonable price. It is also a sought-after piece and remains on top for its innovative smartwatches collection, gaining more popularity to wide masses. The Italian company is also the home of the best watch collections discussed in this article. So, just keep scrolling to know more about its five best watch collections.

Diesel Fadelite

Anyone can experience the superb functionality and durability of the Diesel Watch with its newest collection added to its list, the Diesel Fadelite. Officially launched in 2020, this new series is crafted and designed in line with the brand’s smartwatches but distinctive with its smaller sizes, making it more appealing to any watch enthusiast. Watches in this collection feature a nylon case, and it’s been acclaimed to be super lightweight. Its stylish strap is available in four different hues, all match the watch’s overall appearance.

The Diesel Fadelie smartwatch collection is equipped with numerous functional features such as GPS, a heart rate sensor, and NFC that can be used for contactless payments. It also features a Snapdragon 3100 chipset and 512GB RAM storage to offer the best performance to anyone wearing it. In addition, all watches are also equipped with a water resistance feature, so you don’t need to worry about it getting wet.

Diesel Axial

The Diesel Axial collection was launched in 2019, an available series of smartwatch collections in a rugged and masculine look. It is one of the best watch collections that the brand had designed exclusively for men with its tough yet still fashionable style. It is also equipped with powerful technicalities to offer, including a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset and storage space of 1GB memory to ensure it offers the best performance while wearing. There is no need to worry about the storage space as the brand equipped it with a total of 8GB to have enough space for your apps and music. You can also use the Diesel Axial watches for any kind of water sports or activities as it features a water resistance of 300 meters in depth. Thanks to its customizable battery-saving options, you can extend your battery life anytime.

Diesel Mega Chief

If you’re fond of owning a watch with a bigger face that features a classic look, Diesel has it also to offer to you with its Diesel Mega Chief collection. It is a series of unique and functional timepieces equipped with a quartz movement to provide the best accuracy, timekeeping. Each watch also features a mineral crystal to add extra protection to its dial, a functional chronograph, and a calendar date window. This collection also displays three subdials, which allows its users to track different times at once. Also, you won’t have a hard time checking the time even if your watch is exposed in a dark environment as this collection is equipped with a luminous hand and marker. You can also use this watch for any water activities, except for diving, as it is equipped with a 50-meter water resistance feature.

Diesel Mr. Daddy 

Next up, the Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0 is another collection that offers curiously large Diesel looks for men that are not for the contemplative. Its size, surface, and functionalities are enormous and striking enough that it would even begin a discussion. With the weighty metal in look and plan this watch sports, there is no question it can say something. 

This watch collection flaunts its four-time region feature, three of which are equipped with a quartz movement. These four particular zones show various types of time, making it a watch with solid mechanical touch. It additionally displays its luminous hands and markers that let you check the time, even in obscurity. This implies there is no requirement for you to turn the lights on while you’re in your vehicle or bed around evening time. 

Diesel Griffed 

Displaying a mechanical style, the Diesel Griffed is a must-have collection for individuals who need a less exhausting watch. It offers different models with shifting materials from nylon to tempered steel lashes to shake your style preferences. For instance, the Griffed Chronograph DZ4521 features a nylon case with a one-of-a-kind red and blue glowing dial. Each watch model from this Griffed collection might have different features, but still, they share something in common, the chronograph and three subdials.

In a Nutshell

Diesel was an Italian line of clothing before it finally launched a series of high-caliber watches to its extensive catalog. Its collection of smartwatches became such an iconic and sought-after piece, thanks to its powerful technicalities. If you’re looking for a smartwatch to use on your next sports adventure, opting to buy a watch from the listed Diesel collection is such a great deal.

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