My Digital Address: How to Generate your GhanaPostGPS in Ghana

The GhanaPostGPS App is here to stay after it is now being used in almost all official applications by the Government of Ghana. This includes the Ghana Card, Land Registration, Passport Application and even new business registration.

A lot of people still don’t know how to generate/create their digital addresses and we are here to explain and make the process easy.

What is GhanaPostGPS?

GhanaPostGPS is a global addressing system that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to divide Ghana into grids of 5 metres x 5 metres squares and assigns each one a unique address.

It has an application that now allows all Ghanaians and people living in Ghana to validate their home and business addresses in order to create a national address registry for easy direction and identification purposes.

How to generate your digital address with GhanaPostGPS App in Ghana

Here are the steps to take to generate/get your digital address in Ghana:

  1. Download the new updated GhanaPostGPS App for Android or iOS.
  2. Launch the GhanaPostGPS App on your device and accept the terms and conditions, then click on “continue”.
  3. On the next screen, you can register your phone number, or click on “Skip Registration” if you want to use it for just one time.
  4. Accept the permissions that appear on the screen (Location, Media. Record Video)
  5. on the next screen, wait for your location information to load
  6. Once the location information has loaded, you will be presented with a new screen where you will see your Digital Address in the format GX-XXX-XXXX
  7. You can then share on WhatsApp or write it down to use for your Ghana Card Registration or other purposes.

Watch the video below for the whole process:

Things to note when generating your digital address

Once you have the App downloaded on your phone, generating your address is easy.

  • Ensure your phone’s location button is turned on.
  • Open the GhanaPostGPS app and click on the button
  • Your unique address will appear next to the Digital address, for example, Digital Address: GA-543-0125
  • Remain outdoors to have a very correct digital address
  • Make sure you wait for 5 to 20 seconds to make sure the address is valid
  • Enable all permissions on your phone necessary for the app to run before generating an address
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