Digital signage: The next level of marketing communication!

As a brand, communicating with your current and potential clients is crucial to the growth of your company. Besides the quality of services, product and service advertisement is a leading way of marketing and communication to all. Signages have proved to be a very effective way of marketing communication. Even better, the advancement of signage into digital signage has boosted marketing communication. Digital signs incorporate the use of digital displays and installations to broadcast creative content developed by a brand to attract multitudes.

With this technology, you can control and manage your signs and ads remotely. This remains one of the biggest advantages of digital signage. With a few high-tech hardware and software, you can market your brand, products, and services in multiple locations to multiple clients with the touch of a button. How convenient, right? 

Following there will be a comprehensive guide on what is digital signage and why you should think about its implementation into your business already today.

The Use of Digital Signs

Over the years, this new form of marketing communication has gained lots of popularity with more brands investing in software, hardware, and technical expertise to be part of the pool. To have a successful run in the marketing investment, you first need to understand how digital signs work. Here is how.


Digital signs hardware includes all tangible equipment to be used for relaying dynamic or static image content to clients. They include screens and separate Central Processors for some units. You can either choose to buy any of this equipment and install it in specific locations such as inside your shop or offices, or higher display screens installed by marketing agencies for outdoor display.


To play or broadcast content on any of the digital signs, you need CMS software to run on the hardware. The software could be installed in an electronic device such as a laptop or a tablet or can be web-based. This means you can access the software with any smart device as long as it can access the internet.


With the hardware installed and the software running, all that is left is the content to make the digital sign set complete. The type of content you display on any of the digital signs is dependent on the type of display you use. If you are using screens, you can display creative slide shows or videos as a form of marketing communication. For stating LCD or LED displays, you will broadcast content in the form of writing or static image that communicates a certain message. Also, as a content you can use dynamic news or social media feeds, weather forecasts or traffic jams map, web pages and etc.

All these components of digital signs work hand in hand which means, if one misses, then there will be no marketing communication.

Benefits of Digital Signs

As you look to take your marketing communication to the next level. All this you can achieve with the use of digital displays either outdoor or indoor. Here are the benefits of digital signage.

Clients Help Themselves

Besides quality services and unbeatable prices, clients are always looking for convenience and there is nothing that allows for that like self-service. Using digital displays to relay information to customers on where to find a product in a store or how to use a product is satisfying to customers than having to follow tellers and security guards around for directions. This improves client satisfaction and achieves your goal of improved marketing communication.

Reduces the Perceived Waiting Time

If your products or services as a brand are on-demand, then it’s best to work on how clients will be served faster or make them think so. Clients dread having to wait in line to receive certain services and by working a way around this, you improve on client satisfaction. With digital signs, you kill two birds with one stone. You get to do marketing communication effectively while you also get to advertise your brand. The digital displays engage clients as they wait in line keeping them busy. This lowers the perceived waiting time in line.

Attracts Attention

In an era where everybody is attracted by digital media, using digital signage can work wonders to your advantage. Whether you place screens outside your store or broadcast on the big screens installed in the streets, passersby will always be interested in seeing what’s playing on the screen ahead or the side.

Better Retention Rate

Successful marketing communication is where clients can recall what they saw or read about the brand days and weeks after. People get attracted to creativity and remain fascinated for a while. With digital displays, you can improve on customer retention rate for the content they consume about your company. In case a client wants a product or service related to what you offer, they immediately recall the content on the digital display and increases their chances of checking out your brand. This way, you will have conquered marketing communication.

Technology is taking overall marketing and communication in the industry, and as a brand, you should invest in digital signage as the next level of marketing communication.

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