How To Download a Movie Using Torrent

Are you a movie freak looking for places to download a movie on your laptop or PC? Read on to find out one of the ways to download a movie on your laptop or PC.

Downloading a movie on your laptop or PC can be very difficult if you are not able to find the right website.

If you don’t take care, you will end up downloading the movie together with a virus which will end up compromising your device either partly or completely.

In order not to download a virus on your device as a movie, one of the best and safest ways to download a movie on your laptop is by using a torrent.

What is a Torrent?

Before we jump into the main reason for this article, let us briefly look at what at all a torrent is. You might have heard of the word torrent somewhere but did not understand what it meant.

Whenever you hear of the word torrent in any tech article or world, it simply refers to a computer file containing metadata that holds various information. Usually, files that have the torrent format has the extension .torrent

Although a torrent file is a file holding various information, it does not contain the final or actual contents to be distributed. For example, a torrent movie file will not have the video and the sound that you need to be able to watch the movie.

As such, the information will be used by a BitTorrent client or software for the final distribution. The software will allow you to easily download the file to your laptop or PC.

Some of the most popular BitTorrent software include uTorrent, qBittorrent, Vuze, Deluge, BitTorrent, Transmission (ideal for Mac and Linux), BiglyBT, etc.

How To Download A Movie Using Torrent

  1. Download and Install torrent software on your PC or laptop
  2. Visit a torrent movie site
  3. Search for the movie you want to download
  4. Download the torrent file. Usually, it will be Download or Get this torrent or something similar
  5. Drag and drop the torrent file into the BitTorrent software
  6. Click on Add or OK, or something similar
  7. Wait for the torrent file (s) to begin the download
  8. After the download, let the torrent seed completely
  9. Open the file on your media player and enjoy your movie

How Does A Torrent Work?

As stated earlier, a torrent file is an initiator to the downloading of the actual movie. So, before you can get the actual movie, you need to, first of all, get the corresponding file (.torrent).

Once you get the link, you will need a BitTorrent software to open the file. Once the BitTorrent client scans the file, it will then locate the seeders sharing the corresponding file.

It does so by connecting to a list of defined trackers and attempt a direct connection. Upon successful connection, the final/actual content will then begin to transfer.

The downloads are done in fragments or pieces of the actual content. After the download, the pieces will be reassembled to form one actual file.

Top Movie Torrent Sites

There are many torrent sites available on the internet for you. But below is a list of some of the best movie torrent sites

  • The Pirate Bay
  • Kickass
  • Rarbg
  • YIFY
  • EzTV
  • Zoogle
  • Lime Torrents
  • Torlock


Downloading a movie using torrent as stated in the introduction is one of the safest and best ways to download movies on your laptop or PC. Some of the torrent sites are not secured and some of them also has copyrighted files.

Therefore, I urge you to make sure that the torrent site you are visiting is very secured. You can do so, by reading reviews from people who have used the site before.

Also, you need to be aware that most of these torrent sites show pornographic ads so you might want to view them in a safe environment, away from children. Or you can turn on ads blocking on your browser.

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