Download GhanaPostGPS: Generate digital Address in 2 Minutes

GhanaPostGPS is Ghana’s official digital property addressing system which ensures that all locations in the country are addressed. With GhanaPostGPS, every location has a unique digital address.

The digital address is a composite of the postcode (region, district & area code) plus a unique address. GhanaPostGPS translates your GPS location to a user-friendly digital address.

With GhanaPostGPS, users can now precisely pinpoint any location in Ghana using the digital address of the place.

GhanaPostGPS is integrated with Google maps to allow for easy navigation of a particular area, detailing major road networks and other landmarks.

However, if you want quick and convenient navigation, you want to dodge traffic or just trying to avoid the police on the road, I recommend to you the Waze App, which you can download for free here:

How does Ghana’s Online Digital Address System (Ghana Post GPS) Work?

Digital Addressing is a modern and revolutionary approach to allocating addresses within a defined space with the aid of the latest geocoding technology available. This type of addressing is very robust as it stands the test of time irrespective of changes in borders and environments.

GhanaPostGPS is playing a major role in its collection of data that has been compiled and formatted into a virtual map and image.

GhanaPostGPS embarks on an exercise that makes it possible to identify the location of a plot or dwelling on the ground by assigning an address using a system of maps and signs that gives the numbers or names of streets and buildings.

GhanaPostGPS allows users to generate a 9 to 11 digit code to a point within a 5-meter square known as the digital address. It uses a grid of Ghana made up of approximately 16.1 billion addresses.

Individuals and properties will now have a distinct and clear address to facilitate developmental planning and provision of services.

Users have distinct addresses and can now pinpoint precisely and navigate through representations of a particular area, detailing major road arteries and other points of interest.

Download GhanaPostGPS

The app is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Web Platforms to all and sundry with the most basic knowledge of use.

How to get your digital address in Ghana

Here are the steps to take to generate/get your digital address in Ghana:

  1. Download the new updated GhanaPostGPS App for Android or iOS.
  2. Launch the GhanaPostGPS App on your device and accept the terms and conditions, then click on “continue”.
  3. On the next screen, you can register your phone number, or click on “Skip Registration” if you want to use it for just one time.
  4. Accept the permissions that appear on the screen (Location, Media. Record Video)
  5. on the next screen, wait for your location information to load
  6. Once the location information has loaded, you will be presented with a new screen where you will see your Digital Address in the format GX-XXX-XXXX
  7. You can then share on WhatsApp or write it down to use for your Ghana Card Registration or other purposes.

How do I use the GhanaPostGPS to generate my unique address?

Once you have the App downloaded on your phone, generating your address is easy.

  • Ensure your phone’s location button is turned on.
  • Open the GhanaPostGPS app and click on the button
  • Your unique address will appear next to the Digital address, for example, Digital Address: GA-543-0125

Frequently Asked Questions about GhanaPost GPS

How do I get Ghana Post GPS?

You can get your GhanaPost GPS address by downloading the app from the Play Store or App Store and registering an account. Then you go to the front of your house and generate a new address.

What is GPS digital address?

The GhanaPost GPD digital address system is a system built on GPS to provide a unique address for all Ghanaians. It uses a 5-metre square system to generate a grid of Ghana made up of approximately 16.1 billion addresses.

What is Ghana zip code?

You can generate a zip code for your location in Ghana using the GhanaPost GPS app. Follow this tutorial on how to get the Ghana Zip Code.

What is the GhanaPost GPS Digital Address made up of?

The digital address is made of the postcode i.e. the region, district and area code plus a unique address. It is usually a 9 to 11 alpha numeric code.

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