Ghanaian-American fibre optics inventor to train 300,000 students in software development

Ghanaian-American fibre optics inventor, Dr Thomas Mensah has disclosed plans to train some 300,000 Senior High School students in Software development at the Silicon Valley of Ghana, recently launched at the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT.

The software training programme, according to the tech savvy, will make the students competitive on the global stage and also help Ghana leapfrog other countries in the years to come.

He said, Dubai and UAE are training 1 million High School Students in Software, hence the need for Ghana to take inspiration from these countries.

To this effect, Dr. Mensah is working with the Ambassador of Ghana to China, His Excellency Edward Boateng to bring Tech Companies in China like Alibaba and Baidu and others to the Silicon Valley of Ghana.

The scientist who has already attracted internet giants from the West, Apple Computer, Google and Microsoft to Silicon Valley of Ghana, wants to bring on board, Chinese companies so as to bring diversity to the centre.

Dr. Mensah was impressed by the fact that China has moved 600 million people out of poverty and 300 million into Middle Class through Technology and Industrialization, making the country a very attractive model for transforming Africa.

Ghana has also secured among other things an Agreement with the Trucking Company to set up an Assembly plant in the country.

This is significant since Ghana has already secured an automobile assembly plant by Volks Wagon when Chancellor Angela Merkel recently visited the country.

Dr. Thomas Mensah, made these known when he joined the Presidential Business Delegation led by His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo to the 2018 Africa Business Forum in Beijin.

He was pleased to meet His Excellency Edward Boateng who organized the Program in China for the delegation.

Dr. Mensah said President Akufo-Addo made an excellent choice when he appointed Edward Boateng as Ambassador to China.

He said Ambassador Boateng is well liked and respected by African Americans and Africans in the US.

President Akufo-Addo also praised the Ambassador for his effort in organising the China Africa Forum 2018.

The China Africa Forum takes place in every three years and focuses on close collaboration between countries in Africa and China as part of China’s Global Silk Road Program.

Infrastructure development, Investment, Industrial Development, Technology transfer, capacity building and Global Trade are foundations of this collaboration.

Ghana’s delegation to the event was led by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

This year’s event saw heavy Private Sector participation from Ghana alongside Government Cabinet Ministers and Agencies making it more successful unlike the event in 2015 which did not include Private Sector Leaders and Top Scientists.

The Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta, Trade and Industry Minister, Alan Kyeremateng, Railway Minister Joe Gartey, Roads and Transportation Minister, Amoako Atta, Minister for Agriculture, Owusu Afriyie were part of the delegation.

Members of the delegation from the Presidency were, Nana Bediatuo – Executive Secretary, Deputy Chief of Staff, Boakye Asenso -Director of Protocol at the Presidency and Ambassador Amid Hassan.

Finance sector players who joined the team were,Chairman of Ghana EXIM Bank, Gyemfi Boateng, Board Member Peter Abebrese and the CEO of EXIM as well as the CEO of Ghana Commercial Bank, Mr. Ray Sowah.

The Ambassador of Ghana to China His Excellency Edward Boateng worked closely GIPC – Ghana investment Promotion Council, Hon. Yofi Grant and the Chairman of Association of Industry in Ghana Dr. Adu Gyamfi as well as the China’s Ambassador to Ghana to implement this visit.

The 2018 forum has been touted as one of the most Successful China Business Forum Ever because of the Leadership of His Excellency Nana Addo and the Caliber of the expert members participating on the Presidential Delegation.

There were 50 Heads of States from Africa, who attended China Africa Forum 2018, and the President of China His Excellency Xi Jin Ping who is the Convener of the conference pledged $60 Billion to African Countries for Infrastructure Development and Modernization.

This is equivalent to the Marshall Plan Investment by the US for rebuilding Germany after the World War II that turned Germany into the leading Economic Power in Europe.

As the world leading Scientific Expert Dr. Thomas Mensah was pleased with the Conference that included the Bullet Train ride by the President and the Delegation from Beijin to Shandong the most industrialized Province China.

His Excellency Nana Addo discussed many collaboration and Technology Transfer initiatives with the Governor of this Province. Industry Visit and Business to Business Meetings were part of the Conference.

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