DSTV Nigeria Decoders and Subscription Packages

DSTV – Digital Satellite Television is a sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service owned by MultiChoice; DSTV started operation fully in the year 1995 and provides multiple channels and services to their subscribing customers that spread across most African countries.

DSTV is unarguably the most popular satellite television in this part of the world, as their subscribers have grown to 19 million over the years, most of these customers are located in Nigeria and South Africa.

DSTV airs up to 200 television and radio stations that give unlimited joy to it customers; Since the satellite TV has succeeded in finding their ways into the homes of many Nigerians, the company has been saddled with the responsibility of bringing the best of entertaining programs to the view of their ever-increasing customers; some of these programs come in different types and all have their ways of bringing a smile to the face of the viewers, these include soap operas, comedies, cartoons, Nollywood, soap operas, telenovela, action movies, Hollywood, Bollywood and so on. 

DSTV Nigeria has different types of decoders, and these decoders come with different subscription packages, that fits into everyone’s pocket and wants. They offer one of the cheapest pay TV subscriptions in the country of Nigeria.

Aside from the different decoder types made available by MultiChoice, there are still some side attraction services created to enable them to satisfy the unending wants of their subscribers across the nation, these include; HD channels, HD PVR decoders, DSTV mobile TV services, and many others.

DSTV Subscription Packages/Plans for Nigerian Customers

Although DSTV subscription packages might seem high to most Nigerians, people who have come across it varieties of channels know its uniqueness and quality cannot be compared in any way to the other satellite televisions. It makes sure its customers get the best value for whatsoever subscription they are paying for.

There are numerous packages available for customers to pick from, depending on their financial capacity and their channels of choice.

Explained below are the different subscription packages, their various prices, and uniqueness:

DSTV Access Subscription plan

This particular plan is the cheapest of all the plans that are available on DSTV; it is specifically created for an average Nigeria.

The price for the access package is just Ꞥ2000 and it lasts for a whole month; subscribing to this plan comes with the benefit of viewing 45 local and international channels, including AIT, NTA, Zee World, SuperSport Bliz, Trybe TV, Televista and so many other interesting channels.

DSTV Family Subscription Plan

This very subscription package comes after Access in term of low price; it costs Ꞥ4000 and also gives it subscribers access to 55 interesting local and international channels, some of the channels that make it unique from the latter plan include, CNN, BBC, ESPN Channels, Mnet Series, Cartoon Network and others.

This particular plan also comes with an offer to listen to all the Radio stations available on DSTV, these include Voice of America, Ray power, Star FM, and many others.

DSTV Compact Subscription Plan

This package is an upgrade to the plan earlier mentioned. This plan costs Ꞥ6800 and it comes with the license to enjoy 70 local and international channels; it’s unique from the other packages as it has more than 5 super sport channels and so many other amazing channels.

DSTV Compact Plus Subscription Plan

This particular package is different from the compact plan, though they have some similarities. This package is an upgrade to the previous package and it comes with 75 channels in total. It costs Ꞥ10650 and lasts for1wholemonth. This plan is the second most expensive plan on the available DSTV subscription plans.

DSTV Premium Subscription Plan

This package is currently the highest of all the available packages; it costs Ꞥ15,800 and also lasts for a full month. What makes it unique and better than another plan is that it allows you to view all the channels available on satellite television in their best quality.


DSTV is a satellite television for all; whether you understand English or not, it has channels for almost all races and language, you could easily choose between the channels that suites your taste. It also has subscription plans for all levels.

However, the Subscriptions cannot be paused even when you don’t have a power supply or you are not available to watch, so most subscribers end up not using up to the subscription validity they paid for.

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