The Easiest Way To Shop From AliBaba Or AliExpress to Ghana

Aliexpress is one of the leading e-commerce sites today with thousands of retail stores on it. Aliexpress is a China-based online e-commerce store which is own by its parent company Alibaba.

Today a lot of people prefer buying goods on Aliexpress simply because the products on this site are good and affordable. Just like Amazon and eBay, Aliexpress is also an online platform that lets third-party companies sell their products. It doesn’t sell products by itself.

The online store doesn’t own the products found there but rather the retailer stores do. In recent times, Aliexpress has gained popularity in Europe, the United States and the world at large.

Many people over these countries prefer to buy their goods on the site and have them shipped to their countries.

It is simple and easier to buy products from Aliexpress and have them shipped to anywhere in the world. If you are in Ghana or any of the Africa countries, there are easier and simple ways you can shop your products on Aliexpress. These ways we will discuss in this post.

How To Purchase Products On Aliexpress In Ghana

To buy anything online, you will need two things, thus payment gateway and a shipping address.

The Aliexpress platform accepts quite a few methods of payments which I believe should not be a problem to any Ghanaian buyer. As a Ghanaian buyer, you can buy your products in this great store using a visa or master card.

But what I found strange is the fact that not all the debit cards issued in the country are acceptable on the Aliexpress store. So if you are planning of shopping on Aliexpress i will encourage you to go for a UBA Master or Visa Card. This card is what I use and I think is by far the best debit card in the country for online transactions.

Once you have this card then rest assured that you can use it for your shopping.

Alright, once you get your payment method ready now the next thing to do is to have your PC or Smartphone connected to the internet and then head over to the Aliexpress website by typing in the address bar.

Once you are on the website all you have to do is to search for the items that you wish to buy.

Once you find it, simply “add the quantity” that you want to purchase into the cart and then click on the “checkout button” to continue.

Now you will be prompted to fill in your shipping address before you make the payment.

Also on this page, you will find if shipping is free or you have to pay for shipping. But most of the products on the store have free shipping package.

On this same page, you will see the number of days (most often than not is usually 20 – 60 days) the items will take to arrive in Ghana.

Before you complete the purchase you can communicate with the supplier first if you feel you need more information about the products you are purchasing. On PC you can use the Alibaba trade manager App for communication.

Though English is not their first language, most suppliers will still manage to respond and tell you the details you want to know before placing your order.

For the shipping addresses most of the time as a buyer from Ghana is good you use your postal address that you can easily be located and the delivery will be easy. Most suppliers use Ghana post or Aliexpress air post as their delivery agents.

Tracking your order

You can track your order by going to your account located at the right Conner on the Aliexpress website. Here locate “my orders option” and then click on it.

You will be displayed with a list of items you have order and you can see their status on that page.

Once your products arrive in Ghana, it is usually sent to the capital post office and then they will contact you for that. But once you are not contacted, you can go to the office and make an enquiry about your products.

Thus, after the delivery period given to you by the supplier has elapsed and the tracking shows your products have been delivered.

What I notice about shopping on Aliexpress in Ghana is that you get your goods without much difficulty only when you live in Accra and its surrounding communities.

People from different cities in Ghana sometimes find it difficult to get their goods on time. This sometimes becomes one of the obstacles that prevent most from shopping on the Aliexpress store.

If you are planning on purchasing a product online at a cheaper and affordable price with the best of quality then Aliexpress should be your number one go.

If you have ever purchased an item from the Aliexpress site then we will love to know your experience about the site and how was the delivery like.

Please drop all the comments in the box in case you have such experience and also for further clarification on this article.

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