ECG Mobile App: How to Download ECG Power on Android & iPhone

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia Tuesday launched the ECG Mobile App dubbed "ECG Power" that will enable ECG customers to buy and pay electricity bills with convenience via the various mobile money platforms.

The Vice President of Ghana on 18th February 2020 launched the new ECG Mobile App which is called ECG Power.

Although there is an ECG Web Portal that allows customers to check their bills, apply for a new service for their premises/home, make complaints etc prepaid customers were still unable to buy ECG credits online.

Although there was an ECG App already, the new one seems to have added benefits.

With the new app, which is available on both iOS and Android, one can check their meter balance, how much credit they have used within a period, etc.

Currently, the ECG Mobile App supports the following prepaid meters:

  • Nuri (Kamstrup)
  • Holley
  • Alpha
  • MBH
  • CLOU

Be sure to check your meter before proceeding.

The app also supports all postpaid meters across Ghana. According to ECG, there are plans to roll out other prepaid meters in subsequent updates.

With this new App, Ghanaians can avoid the inconvenience of joining queues or moving far from their homes to buy credits for their meter. In this digital era, there is no need to stress yourself for life must be very simple.

Update (18th February 2020): If you experience errors with the server while adding your meter, wait for a few minutes and try again. If it persists, restart your mobile device and try again.

Download the new ECG Mobile App

If you are looking to download the new ECG Mobile App, called ECG Power, follow the links below:

Android App – ECG Power on Android

iOS App (iPhone) – ECG Power on iPhone

How to use ECG Mobile App (ECG Power)

If you want to buy ECG prepaid with ease or pay bills with the ECG mobile app, follow the steps below:

  1. Install the ECG App from Google Play Store or the App Store
  2. Create a new account on the ECG App with your Email, Phone number and Password
  3. Go to the right side bottom and add your meter details by clicking on the (+) sign
  4. You can then proceed to add the second metre (if you have more than one)
  5. Choose the Top-up module to top up your balance
  6. Choose the Pay Bills Module to pay bills for your postpaid metre
  7. Confirm the payment via your Mobile Money

Mobile Shortcode for ECG Services

The Electricity Company of Ghana has also launched a new shortcode for accessing ECG services. The shortcode for ECG services in Ghana is *226#.

With the new ECG Shortcode, you can:

  1. Top up your ECG prepaid
  2. Pay your ECG Bills
  3. Update your customer information with ECG

The shortcode is accessible on all the telecommunication networks in Ghana.

If you have any issues with the ECG Mobile App (aka ECG Power), leave a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions about ECG Mobile App in Ghana

How to get the ECG Mobile App APK

Offloading Apps is generally not advisable but if you want the ECG Mobile App APK, you can download on

How can I buy ECG with mobile money?

To buy ECG with MoMo, download the ECG Mobile App, add your metre and select the amount (in GHS) that you want to top up with.

How do I register my prepaid electricity meter?

You can add your ECG Prepaid metre to the ECG Power App by creating a new account on the app and adding your metre number.

How can I check my Electricity Prepaid Balance?

To check the prepaid remaining on your ECG metre, open the app, choose the added metre and tap on “check balance”.

How can I know the kind of metre I am using?

You can find out the kind of Electricity Company of Ghana metre you use by checking the top or bottom of the metre. The name would be clearly printed there.

What metres support the ECG Prepaid App?

The new ECG Power app supports the Nuri (Kamstrup). Holley, Alpha, MBH and CLOU metres in Ghana.

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