Election Jobs Online Scam: Beware – There are no 50,000 Jobs at any Election Committee

I woke up yesterday to multiple messages in my WhatsApp Groups about jobs at an Election Comittee.

I opened the link and immediately knew it was a lie, a scam, a phishing attempt to collect information about people.

Simply put, there is no such election job opportunity out there and the malicious link that was put out is simply aimed at stealing the data of the individuals who fill it.

How the 50000 election job scam works

A lot of individuals would think – well, it is harmless to fill this form. It’s a try your luck kind of thing.

The job scam works by first collecting your data, then encouraging you to share the link over WhatsApp to your friends.

There is a little bit of using your social currency to gain traction for their scam.

They way users are tricked to share over WhatsApp is that, much like most scams of this nature, the website will say you can only complete the process by sharing.

Most individuals would therefore go ahead and share – trapping their own family and friends.

When people submit their data to the scammers, the scammers can use them to apply for benefits, which the real users might not even be aware of.

Some scammers even use this data to fill petitions supporting some ideas and campaigns the real users might not even be interested in.

How to protect yourself for scams of this nature

There is no free lunch – sadly.

If you see an opportunity online asking you to complete mostly very “easy” tasks in return for money, scrutinise it.

Also, be careful of what push notifications you accept via your browser. Always, when giving out your personal information online, make sure it is to a trusted website.

And if it has something to do with a Government agency – like elections, verify from the agency or organisation website or official social media platform first.


Hope this helps anyone who is looking for information as to whether the 50,000 election jobs ad they saw was true. Well, you have your answer – It is a scam perpetrated by individuals interested in stealing your personal data.

Share with your family and friends and all those groups where this fake job link has been posted at. If you are in Ghana, you can look our for genuine job sites where you can apply for positions online.

All the best, and thank you for reading.

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