EmpressLeak: The Story Behind the Adult Site, Its Founder and His Arrest

One of the stories that have been making headlines these past weeks is the arrest of the owner of Ghana’s popular porn site Empress Leak.

But, little do people know about the reason and the real story behind the arrest of the owner of this popular adult site.

In this article, we are going to show you everything you need to know from the beginning of the investigation to the final arrest.

What is Empress Leak?

Empress Leak is one of the famous adult sites in Ghana. It is popularly known by Ghanaians as the hub of sexual videos and leaks in Ghana and other African countries.

The website is believed to have over 600,000 monthly users from Ghana, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom.

Who is the Founder of Empress Leak?

Anderson Ofosu Hene popularly known as Mario G is the founder and administrator of Empress Leak. He is a thirty-five (35) year old man who was residing at Osino in the Eastern Region prior to his arrest on July 30, 2020.

He has been operating this website since 2014 (6 years now) and publishes nude videos and pictures of young persons under the age of 18 years and after publishing their nude pictures and videos, demand money from them before taking them off his website.

On July 30, 2020, he was arrested in his apartment at Osino in the Eastern Region as a result of the hard work and determination of the Cyber Crime Unit (CCU) of the Ghana Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and the support of the Ministry of Communications.

What Led to the Arrest of Mr. Anderson Ofosu Hene, Owner of Empress Leak?

In January 2020, a minor (less than 18 years) from one of the Senior High Schools in Ghana reported a case to the police of her pictures being published on Empress Leak.

Right after that, the police and the CID launched an underground investigation into the case and found out that what the young girl was saying was true.

According to the police, it took them six (6) months before they were able to arrest Mr. Anderson in this unlawful conduct after they had mounted surveillance on Mario G and his accomplices.

Mario G has been extorting money from victims whose pictures and videos have been published on the website before removing them from the website.

He made the victims pay between GH¢ 500 and GH¢ 2000 through a certain mobile money account before removing their contents, according to the Ghana Police Service.

In spite of that, due to the fact that the pictures and the videos are uploaded before demanding the money, most people are able to get access to the pictures and the videos hours before they are taken down and such people also demand another money from the victims threatening to publish their nudes again if they fail to pay the amount they are demanding.

The accomplices are believed to be using social media and online dating platforms to form relationships with the victims and later demand for their nude pictures and videos which they later publish on the Empress Leak website.

Director General of Police, COP Isaac Yeboah said in a statement that, between the period after the lockdown and July, Mario G and his accomplices have made over GH¢ 420,000 from extorting victims online.

On the day of his arrest, it was alleged that he was caught in the act of uploading videos and pictures of some of his victims.

Mario G is now in the custody of the Ghana Police Service and has been charged with the offense of obscenity, child pornography, extortion of money and money laundering.

Readers of this article are hereby advised to be very careful when sending their nude pictures and videos to strangers they meet online.

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