How You Can Enjoy 50% Discount on services with MTN MashUp (MTN Pulse)

Do you know there’s a way that you can enjoy a free discount on several shops in Ghana just by using MTN MashUp (MTN Pulse)? If no then this article is for you and if YES, this article is for you as well.

MTN has introduced a new offer for customers who use the MTN MashUp bundle often by giving them free discounts on some selected shops nationwide.

This loyalty reward package is one of MTN’s COVID-19 relief packages for its customers who have been with them throughout these abnormal times.

The name of this loyalty package is Pulse Loyalty; as the name suggests, it is mainly aimed towards the customers on the MTN Pulse platform or bundle.

How Do You Get the Discount Codes?

Before you can get a discount on the selected stores, you need to generate a discount code from MTN pulse. The following steps show how you can generate the MTN Pulse discount code.

  • Dial *567#
  • Select Pulse Loyalty (option 4)
  • Select your preferred store from the list provided.
  • A congratulatory screen with the code will be shown.

What is MTN Pulse?

You can find all about MTN Pulse and all the available offers here:

What is MTN Pulse Loyalty?

MTN Pulse Loyalty promo is a promotion that is run by MTN to reward customers who have subscribed to the MTN MashUp bundle.

In this promotion, MTN MashUp customers will be given a discount on some selected shops in Ghana. The discount ranges from 5 percent to whooping 50 percent.

The selected stores and the respective discount percentages are:

Silverbird Cinema

The Silverbird Cinema is one of the (if not the) largest movie cinemas in Ghana with over 5 branches spread across the country, mostly at shopping malls. The movies that are shown ranges from local to international movies.

Under this package, customers enjoy a 50% discount on all tickets they buy from Silverbird Cinema every Monday. This reward package is also called Cinema Mondays due to the fact that it runs only on Mondays.

Silverbird Cinema has the highest discount code throughout the MTN Pulse Loyalty offer, i.e. 50%

Potbelly Shack

Potbelly Shack is a restaurant, bar and cafe’ that produces contemporary cuisines and barbecue. The meals are mainly lunch and dinner, they do not cook breakfast. They offer takeout and dine-in as well.

Under this package, the exact percentage of discount you get is not stated in the confirmation message that you receive from MTN Pulse.

Unlike Silverbird Cinema, Potbelly Shack’s discount code is available from Monday – Thursday, making it the only reward package that lasts more than a day. Potbelly Shack can be located at East Legon opposite the Adjiringanor school park or you can visit their website.

UKBrand Store

This package is for clothes lovers and those who shop at the various UK Brand stores in Ghana.

When you buy clothes from UKBrand store every Wednesday using the Pulse Loyalty discount code, you get a 10 percent discount on all your purchases.

This package also runs on only Wednesdays.


This one is also for the food lovers especially those who buy their food from KFC shops across the country.

KFC is one of the most popular restaurants in Ghana with several shops spread across Ghana. Their food ranges from rice meals to chicken meals.

The KFC discount code is worth 5 percent discount. Meaning, whenever you buy food from KFC on Fridays MTN Pulse is paying 5 percent for you leaving you with 95 percent of the total cost of your order.


The discounts on some of the stores though not enough is fair enough considering this pandemic and the high cost of items in the country.

Note that, each store has its own day (s) of validity, therefore if you try to generate a discount code on any other day aside the one assigned to it, it will not be possible.

So, you need to take note of each store and its validity day (s). In summary:

Silverbird Cinema is available on Mondays only.

Potbelly Shack is available from Mondays to Thursdays.

UKBrand Store is also available on Wednesdays only.

KFC is available on Fridays only.

Make sure to make use of this offer and comment on your experience below.

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