How Entrepreneurs Can Use The Google Primer App To Learn And Grow Their Business

The current crisis in the world has led people to work from home and convert their rooms into their office spaces. Currently, the world is facing the coronavirus pandemic and so many people’s life has been affected adversely.

Life has changed be it the professional front or personal front, and also the way of working. Though there is a crisis, the crisis can be seen as an opportunity in disguise.

You can use this time of crisis to learn about different skills and expertise. This new skills can be acquired through an App provided by Google called Google Primer.

In this article, I will take you through how you can use the Google Primer app to learn and grow your business and even mastering new skills.

Why Skills Are Important

Skills are extremely important and they prove to be much more valuable than a University or college degree. By gaining marks, you earn a degree and by learning and understanding the concept of any profession, niche or work, you earn a skill or build your talent.

Skills help you understand the application of the niche of work you are trying to acquire/learn and that creates a better impact practically.

Google Primer is an app that can help you learn different skills to help you in your line of work in the long-run.

Why Did Google Primer Start

Google Primer started in the year 2015 (in the US) and in 2018 (in India, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, and Latin America). the application started keeping in mind target audience who wish to learn about business, marketing and other digital strategies that would help them grow their business in a better way.

What Is The Google Primer App About

The app is about teaching digital marketing and other business skills to their users. The application is completely free on the Play Store so as the contents provided.

The app consists of different skills from which the user can select and start learning at their own convenience. Each lesson in the app is not more than 5 minute and during the class, it gives great interactive and real-life scenarios for the user to understand the concept.

Google Primer is part of the Grow with Google and Digital Unlocked initiative of the tech giant. Google redesigned the app in 2018 to make it more easily accessible to a large number of people and have a large audience.

According to information researched from the official website of Google Primer, Google, partnered with marketing and business professionals in order to build the content for the app.

Overview Of Courses In The Google Primer app

Each course in the app lasts for a maximum of 5 mins and the course teaches you the basic concept of the skill you wish to learn. In addition to this, the course also accesses your knowledge once you finish learning.

The app also provides a real-life scenario case and accordingly you need to answer them. The answers you provide will indicate how much you have understood about the particular course or not.

The Google Primer app is meant for a great use for small and medium business owners and also entrepreneurs who are looking to market their products, services and their brand.

The advantage of learning through Google Primer is that the entire course is simplified and short. For a basic understanding of marketing concepts and skills and other digital strategies used in business, this app is the best.


The Google Primer app can be used by entrepreneurs to learn basic digital or marketing skills in their niche. This is an opportunity for business owners to master on a particular field of work to take their business to a different level.

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