Ethereum: Will ETH Beat BTC in 2020

The inborn Cryptocurrency of the Ethereum System does not need any introduction as it is the most famous cryptocurrency after bitcoin. Ethereum can gain huge followers and rising interest from the investors. As 2019 was a bad year for the person who was holding ETH but it got in June but the investors got surprised when it started going down from one January to thirty-first December.

But seeing its positive side even surviving from the hardship ETH is still strong which made it the best cryptocurrency after bitcoins. But in the previous week, ETH has posted high and lows while comparing it with BTC. Ethereum rate assumption seems to be much profitable to knowledgeable crypto traders.

What Has Been Happening to Ethereum?

As bitcoin has earned a lot of attention over the last few months while investors’ focus is shifting towards other cryptocurrencies. The main reason is because the long-left bitcoin splitting event is now behind us and the market is now getting a return to the usual day to day variations. ETH was invented in 2015 and is now the largest and most well recognized and open-ended regionalized software.

It lets the deployment of smart contracts and dApps have to be made and run with no scam and no third party enter. In its past the platform and cryptocurrency they both were producing much interest between the citizens and allowing ETH market capitalization to increase. If you want to invest in bitcoins trading get started today by clicking the image below

Ethereum was one of the leaders in terms of adoption worldwide. According to a report in 2019 it was recorded more than 1.5 million active app users. It was much higher than in 2018.

Performance of the Second-best Cryptocurrency till now in 2020

ETH started at the rate of $ 130 but kept increasing as the crypto market increased in positive energy but in Feb the price got to hike and reached at the price of one coin $279 it was such a big boast to ETH in cryptocurrency it was due to increasing interest. But the price got dropped due to the COVID-19 pandemic along these cryptokitties was thinking to leave the ETH network for their blockchain which was another downfall for the value of ETH.

Can ETH Perform as the Best performing Cryptocurrency by 2020?

As the Growing race, ETH is still a different and special Technology that has the skills to change the whole world. The biggest possibility of Ethereum lies in the newly coming Ethereum 2.0 and there will be massive growth of DeFi. In 2020 the cost of the token behind the DeFi protocols has surpassed $1bn and in the previous year, the service of DeFi projects has increased speedily because of which the demand for Ethereum has increased.

Is Ethereum a good investment?

There is always a challenge to invest in which cryptocurrency as the market keeps active and is volatile. Its fluctuating nature makes it very tough to predict what will be the price of a digital coin in a few hours. It is even more tough to give long term estimation. In the last some years cryptocurrencies have experienced large ups and downs. Investing in cryptocurrency is not a small term investment if you are not ready for long-term investment but still want to try to earn profit from Ethereum you can try this by CFDs. As the price keeps going up and down it is a great asset for traders who are ready to take the benefit of the price which keeps going up and down.

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