Exxtra NSP Loans: Why you might need a loan during your National Service

It can be challenging to start your National Service, be it teaching, nursing or regular NSS right after school. 

NSS Exxtra is an online platform where NSS Personnel can get access to loans for their various needs within 24 hours.

Below are some things you can do with an NSS loan from Exxtra:

Top up for your Rent Advance

For young graduates, national service can be an exciting and adventurous period. You are exposed to new experiences, different culture, and broadened horizons. 

It is common for most service personnel to relocate to cities and regions outside of their homes in order to carry out their mandatory service. 

This exodus leads to a demand in apartments to rent as these young graduates are not initially compensated for their relocation. 

In addition, availability of decent apartments to rent is difficult in Ghana, and to make things worse, most of these places to rent are ridden with one-year or two-year advanced payments, putting more pressure on these fresh university graduates. 

In some cases, family members are able to assist in their relocation efforts, but a vast majority are without the financial resources or people to assist them.

Securing an Exxtra NSS loan is an excellent way for National Service personnel to cover rent expenses during their national service period and reduce the financial burden on their family and friends.

Transport and Other Expenses

As conditions return to normal, some companies are promoting hybrid arrangements or even strict onsite working arrangements as a replacement to strict remote working which existed during the covid-19 era.

No matter how far your workplace may be from where you live, even the cheapest form of transportation, which is the popular trotro (troski) will be one of your biggest expenses during national service.

There are some organizations that may make provisions to transport their staff, including service personnel, to and from work by bus.

Some service personnel, however, are unable to access these resources on account of the organizations where they work. 

Furthermore, with the financial uncertainty, rising fuel prices, and continually increasing transportation fares, transportation is becoming a real headache for NSPs

An NSS Loan from Exxtra can go a long way to cushion NSPs from increasing transport costs during their National Service Period before they receive their transport allowances.

Start a small business 

Deciding to start your own business is a leap of faith. It requires pushing out of your comfort zone and trying something new. 

If that idea excites you, why wait around? You’re ready to take the leap and be the CEO of your OWN COMPANY. It’s a lot of work and there are some risks, but the potential for rewards is huge. 

Another big issue is coming across capital for your small business start-up. Start-up capital refers to the money raised by a new company in order to meet its initial costs and this is where Exxtra NSS Loans come in.

Exxtra NSS can help you get start-up capital at low interest rates to get your business started. Whether you’re investing in a new laptop to increase productivity, agricultural inputs for your farm, or starting your own fashion design business.

What you can accomplish during your NSS begins with a small loan from Exxtra, and the possibilities are endless.

Bridge the time gap in receiving your allowance

A salary is one of the greatest motivators for any worker, and like everyone else, NSS personnel are heavily dependent on their allowances. 

The benefits of earning income far outweigh the benefits of gaining experience alone. 

It is particularly common for people in this part of the world to get their salaries every month, and everyone gets excited as the end of the month approaches.

However, it is a well-known fact that NSS Personnel experience delays in receiving their NSS allowance from the National Service Secretariat for many reasons.

In many cases, service personnel may have to wait up to three months before receiving their first check without the other two-month arrears.

The sad truth is many of these young graduates typically work without pay and cover their expenses on their own without any monetary compensation within the waiting period. It is indeed a frustrating experience.

An NSS loan from Exxtra provides a simple and affordable solution for personnel experiencing a gap between their NSS Allawa payments to handle their short-term expenses.

These are some of the reasons why you might need an NSS Exxtra Loan. It is not possible to exhaust the list, as everyone needs funds at some point or another for a variety of reasons. With Exxtra, you have the full access to obtain funds within 24 hours at the lowest interest rates on the market and with No collateral or guarantors required.

Visit www.exxtra.app for more information and to sign up and apply for your Exxtra National Service Loan today.

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