Master Facebook Live! For Your Business with George Wilkinson

If you’re not already using Facebook Live as part of your marketing strategies then you should, and the “Master Facebook Live! For Your Business with George Wilkinson” is a good way to start.

Facebook Live is a powerful tool to bring amazing return or results if you do it right. Lots of people are sceptical about being in front of a camera, and more so when it’s LIVE! But just like any tool, it’s important to understand it well, and the benefits it can bring you and then take steps to mastering its use.

 3 reasons why you should consider using Facebook Live

  1. Using Facebook Live will help people to have a lot more confidence in your business or venture.
    During a live video, they can see the human behind the business, ask questions and build a relationship. It draws customers/fans closer to your business and enables them to trust doing business with you.
  2. Facebook Live provides more value.
    When done right, customers and fans get more from you than just being left with a few texts and pictures on your page each day. During a live video, you can use the opportunity to elaborate on issues, clarify situations and give more details in a deep and connecting way.
  3. Facebook Live is an awesome way to promote your goods and services.
    What better way than to show people in(real time), how your service or product can help them.

During the Facebook Live Class, George Wilkinson will teach you why you must seriously consider Facebook Live as part of your marketing strategies, best practices for best results and over 20 ways in which you can utilise Facebook Live to your advantage.

Don’t miss it. It’s this Friday 14th July 2017 at 10:00 am on his Facebook Page: George Wilkinson

About George Wilkinson

George is a Social Media Strategist with a passion for helping build local brands for global markets through the awesome power of Social Media.

He is the Founder of Wilkins Media (Formerly White Dream Innovations), a firm which specialises in Social Media Marketing and content creation.

His experience in the science of Social Media dates back from 2011 and he has since helped a lot of businesses and individuals grow their brands using social channels.

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