Fastest Way To Rank-up In League of Legends

Ranking up in League of Legends can be hard, but it’s not impossible if you know the right tips and tricks. In this guide, we’ll show you the fastest ways to improve your skills and rise through the ranks, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been playing for a while. Get ready to up your game and reach that coveted higher rank you’ve been dreaming of!

Duo With Your Teammates

One of the best strategies to rank up faster in League of Legends is to duo with a reliable partner. Instead of having a random teammate every game, playing with someone you trust can make a huge difference. Here’s why duoing with a partner is better than going solo:

  1. Improved Communication: When you duo, you can easily communicate with your partner using voice chat. This allows for better coordination, strategy discussion, and overall teamwork, which is crucial in League.
  2. Synergy: By playing multiple games together, you and your partner will develop synergy. You’ll understand each other’s playstyles, strengths, and weaknesses, making it easier to complement each other on the Rift.
  3. Consistency: Unfortunately, some players intentionally troll or “int” (intentionally feed) to demote their accounts. When you duo, you eliminate the risk of having one of these toxic players on your team, ensuring a more consistent and fair playing experience.
  4. Morale Support: Having a partner by your side can provide a much-needed morale boost, especially during those tough losing streaks. You can encourage each other, discuss mistakes, and stay motivated to climb together.

Of course, it’s important to choose a partner who is around the same skill level as you and shares the same goal of ranking up. Duo queuing with someone significantly higher or lower in rank can lead to imbalanced matchmaking and potentially slower progress.

Watch Pro Players

Watching pro players is considered one of the fastest ways to improve your game sense, macro, micro, and other factors in League of Legends. Essentially, you’ll be learning from the best in the game.

Pro players have an incredible game sense. They know exactly when to team fight, split push, or take objectives. Watching how they position themselves and make calls can help you better understand macro strategy. Their micro mechanics are also insane, from last-hitting to combos. Seeing how they control their champions, manage cooldowns, and output maximum damage is an awesome way to sharpen your own microplay.

The pros know all the latest tricks and optimized strategies for every champion and situation. You’ll learn things you never even thought of, like off-meta rune pages or funky ward spots. If you watch a pro player who mains your champion, it’s super valuable. You’ll see the limits of what your champ can do and learn all the intricate combos and playstyles.

Using Scripts

While some may consider installing scripts as a shortcut to achieving desired ranks, this practice carries significant risks. Scripts, which automate certain in-game actions, undermine the integrity of the game and can lead to severe consequences, including permanent bans. Despite the allure of quick rank advancement, relying on scripts prevents players from genuinely enhancing their skills and understanding of the game mechanics.


Climbing the ranks in League of Legends requires dedication, practice, and smart strategies. By duoing with a reliable partner, you’ll improve communication, develop synergy, and avoid trolls – making your climb much smoother. Studying professional players is also key, as you’ll learn invaluable macro and micro tactics from the best in the world.

Stick to these tips, stay focused, and have fun during your ranked grind. Before you know it, you’ll be reaching new rank milestones and taking your League skills to new heights. The path to the top is challenging but rewarding. Unleash your full potential and become the ranked player you were meant to be!

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