Features Of The My Vodafone Ghana App

Like many other telecommunication companies in Ghana, Vodafone, formerly known as Ghana Telecom or Onetouch has gathered for itself many customers in Ghana.

With effective and cheap data packages, text packages, reduced call tariffs and unrivalled international call rates, Vodafone has maintained a strong bond with its users over the years.

To further make the administration of the Vodafone Ghana sim cards easier for users, the company decided to launch the My Vodafone Ghana App just as has been done by some other Telcos in the past.

In this article, we shall look at the features of the My Vodafone Ghana App and what you can use them for.

If you are an existing Vodafone Ghana subscriber seeking an even more interesting way of enjoying your Vodafone experience, then this is for you. Also, if you are thinking of switching from another network to Vodafone, you should jump on the content of this article too as it tends to grow and polish your interest in Ghana’s finest Telecommunication network.

Features Of The My Vodafone Ghana App

Vodafone Cash Option

The My Vodafone Ghana app has the Vodafonecash feature which enables users to check their Vodafone cash balance, transfer money to other people and also pay bills, buy airtime and perform other primary and secondary Vodafone cash transactions right from the app with very few clicks and selections.

If you are a frequent user of Vodafone Cash, you know how annoying the shortcode method can be sometimes. The long wait for it to load sometimes and also how soon the timeout is in most cases.

The App should solve these problems for you and make you more comfortable using your most-reliable electronic payment method.

In-built Store Finder

Locating a customer care office nearby is one thing that becomes usually difficult for most network users especially in times of urgent needs.

It is okay to call the customer care line to chat with representatives regarding your problems but sometimes, you could further be directed to visit the nearest centre for your problem to be solved and this becomes a big problem for many people.

To resolve this challenge, the My Vodafone Ghana app comes with an in-built store finder feature which enables the user to see in real-time the nearest Vodafone Offices in their locality and enable them to connect and book an appointment where need be.

An Exciting Vodafone TV Feature

How about some extra features to an already exciting Vodafone app? Sounds interesting right? The Vodafone Ghana app has just the right features to keep its users on the platform for so many hours.

Aside from performing basic Vodafone Cash functionalities and purchasing data and other products from the Vodafone Ghana app, a user can also actually watch wonderful and educational content with the Vodafone TV feature on the Vodafone app platform. The Vodafone TV feature provides the user with contents such as the Vodafone Healthline experience and many others.

You get to watch promotional contents about new and existing Vodafone offers and services as well! What’s more interesting than this?

Offers And Extras

If you are an existing Vodafone Ghana subscriber, then you already know that when it comes to juicy offers and packages, there is none other compared to Vodafone Ghana.

The likes Of Deewa Offer, Vodafone red and many other wonderful offers are very competitive and user-friendly offers that have existed for a while to make the Vodafone experience an even better one compared to the other networks.

As such, it is only right and beautiful that Vodafone includes the Offers and Extras feature in its app to give users an easy approach to accessing all their existing and future offers.

Help And Support

Once in a long or short while (depending on how you use your Simcard), you may be required to contact your service provider for some enquiries regarding certain issues.

While this could be done by simply dialling the Vodafone Customer care line on your mobile phone, it sometimes gets laborious. In fact, not everyone likes to be typing numbers here and there.

With the Vodafone app, there is a help and support option where users can easily get in touch with their service provider for help with just a single click.

Truly, the Vodafone app gives the user a wonderful experience worth the time.


Owning a Vodafone sim card is in itself so much joy and pride. It doesn’t only come with that cheerful and colourful red look but it comes with a wide range of products and offers that always keep your smile broad and beautiful.

But, administering your Simcard and accessing such products and offers can be particularly stressful especially for those using ‘Yam phones’.

To make the Vodafone experience more interesting, Vodafone Ghana has launched the My Vodafone Ghana app to be used by customers for all transactions.

This app can be used on almost all Smartphones – both android systems and IOS.

In this article, we spoke about the features of this great app designed by Vodafone Ghana for its multitude of users. I hope you find this article appealing and helpful in your quest to enjoy the new Vodafone experience.

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