How To Find Your Lost Samsung Galaxy Watch

Wearables have gradually been taking over the watch industry in the world. Although some of the popular watch brands like Caveman Watches, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Casio are still dominant in the watch industry, some of the other brands have gone after companies started making smartwatches.

Unlike normal watches, smartwatches have different features which make them ideal for people. For example, the main thing that normal watches do is to tell the time and sometimes the date, but smartwatches tell both the date and time, bloop pressure, Electrocardiogram (ECG), some can make calls and even take photos.

Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the leading smartwatch brands in the world. Since the company Samsung and the brand Galaxy had already made a name before the smartwatches were manufactured, people happily accepted them into the market and have been growing the number of its users from time to time.

Apart from the Samsung Galaxy Watch doing all these amazing features stated in the previous paragraphs, one thing that cannot be taken away is the probability that you might misplace it at a point in time.

As human beings, we all make mistakes sometimes and when you make such a mistake, you should be able to recover your smartwatch without much stress. Because of that, this article is going to explain to you how to find your lost Samsung Galaxy Watch.

How To Find Your Lost Samsung Galaxy Watch

Before we begin with the steps, you must make sure that all the requirements such as Remote connection are already set in place before you misplaced or lose your Galaxy Watch smartwatch. Also, your Galaxy Watch smartwatch needs to be connected to an internet source like Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. Once all the requirements are met, then you can proceed by following the steps below.

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone
  2. Tap on Find My Watch
  3. Select Find My Band or Find My Gear under fitness bands
  4. Depending on the model of your smartwatch, SmartThings Find will be opened
  5. A map of the last known location of the Galaxy Watch will be shown
  6. Once you are close to the area, tap Ring and the watch will start playing a sound and vibrate
  7. Other watches can also ring directly from your phone if it is connected to your phone using Bluetooth. In such cases, just tap START and your watch will begin to play a sound and vibrate.

What Happens When You Lost Your Watch Outside Your Bluetooth Range?

In situations where you lost your watch out of Bluetooth range, you will still be able to set some security options. But this can only happen when Remote Connection was enabled before you lost your Galaxy Watch.

  • Tap Set security and then choose from the following options:
  • Lock Watch: Once this is enabled, your smartwatch will be locked until the PIN is entered or it comes near your phone and connects to Bluetooth.
  • Reset Watch: This option is very useful if you have sensitive and confidential information on your smartwatch. Once you enable this option, all the data on your watch will be remotely deleted. This way, whoever has access to your smartwatch will not be able to find any of your information on it.


The introduction of smartwatches into the market has yielded several positive results. For example, before smartwatches were introduced if you wanted to check your blood pressure, you had to use the BP checking machine before you could check your blood pressure.

That is not the case anymore, now with just a smartwatch on your wrist, you can check your blood pressure anywhere and at any time. Additionally, you no longer must go and see a doctor before you check your Electrocardiogram (ECG), the smartwatch can also perform this task for you.

This and many more are some of the things smartwatches can do for you. But sometimes you might misplace your Galaxy Watch and when this happens, this article has shown you have you can find it in just a few and easy steps.

Can I track my lost Samsung Galaxy smartwatch?

Yes, you can use the Wearables app on your Samsung device to track and find your lost Samsung Galaxy smartwatch.

How can I find my phone with my Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Open the Find My Phone app on your Galaxy Watch and then tap Start to begin locating your phone. The ringtone of your phone will keep on playing until you find it and when you do, you can swipe down on the Dismiss icon.

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